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I looked over to Levi. He got hurt because of Mikasa. I was kinda jealous that he carried someone else besides me, but if he didn't carry her, she would have died.

I smiled a little. Levi really is a good person. He acts all tough on the outside, but on the inside, he's just a cream puff. I giggled at the thought. My attention went back over to Levi. Watch me be a good person, too.

I swooped down and killed a Titan before it got a hold of Armin.

"You okay?" I asked.

The boy nodded. Aw! Armin is just so cute! I wonder how Levi is doing. They were carrying him back to the building to treat his wound. Damn Mikasa. I couldn't help but feel a little angry. I ran until I got to the building.

There was a battle going on: Titan Eren vs. Titan Annie. That skinless Titan is just ridiculous. I peeped into Levi's office. He was sitting there with no one around. I noticed his arm wrapped in gauze. Blood bled through it. He must've got cut badly.

I knocked before receiving a "come in."

I walked in slowly and closed the door gently behind me.

"U-um... Are you okay?" I asked shakily.

He's staring at me again. Those grey eyes of his remind me of the sky on a rainy day.

"I'm fine, y/n." he replied.

Y/n? He never calls anyone by just their name, and he's never called me
y/n before. He always calls me Cadet y/n or idiot or something like that. The only time he called me y/n was the day when he... My cheeks heated up as my eyes widened.

No! Now's not the time to get flustered! I thought as I shook my head and slapped my cheeks.

"Hey brat? Do you need anything else?" He asked.

Why does he seem unhappy? Is it because he didn't want me to see him in this state? I walked around the desk over to Levi.

"You know, if you ever lost an arm in battle with the Titans, I would still like you." I explained with a grin.

I noticed his eyes widen a little before returning to his normal gaze. Did I say something weird? He suddenly stood up and hugged me.

"That won't happen. I won't ever leave your side." He promised.

I thought we were hugging for too long, but he never let go. He only squeezed me tighter. I didn't mind though.

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