What is about the Headless Priest?

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You might have heard about these creepy filipino myths from your great Lolo or Lola , that if you're about to cross somewhere forest-like or grassy, you must say "Tabi-tabi po" so that the duwende won't put a curse on you. Maybe you've also heard about turning your shirt upside down in order not to get lost in the forest by a scary Tikbalang.

Then that means you already heard about this myth; if you haven't, then this myth will give you a chilly spine and you would be scared about staying outside in the night for too long.

Couple of years back then,
these headless priest rumors were a common thing in the Philippines which you can hear them in some urban areas, but are mostly from rural areas. This rumor did not only became popular, but it became one of the legends in their traditions and beliefs.

Many parents try telling this myth to  prevent their kids from playing outside in the night for too long and to discipline them about going home early when it's night time.

There are many versions of this myth and are pretty common. These lines such as:

"Sige! Makikita mo dyaan ang Pari na may putol na ulo."

And another:

"Bahala ka dyaan, mamaya mumultuhin ka ng pari na may putol na ulo."

The subject about this myth talks about a priest who is described to be headless or beheaded, but it is understood that if a person sees one while roaming at the night time by himself/herself, something horrifiying would happen.

According to some people's knowledge and wiki searches, these headless priests came from the time of World War II in Philippines.

Priests were beheaded for random reasons in the period, but it was brutal and gruesome during those dark times of World War II,
There were a lot of incidents such as massacares, abuses, rape, and other crime cases.

Aside from rumors and dark histories, there were some people who encountered having paranormal experiences with the Headless Priest during night time in other places; it's scary and terrifiying to describe it for some who experienced it.

Since we know about the Headless Priest, I would like to share a story of how my Godfather had a paranormal encounter with a Headless Priest during his childhood.

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