Chapter 5- Killing Katherine

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Chapter 5- Masquerade

*A few weeks later*

It had been a while since I first met Stefan and Damon. Me and Stefan have grown close however me and Damon only have a mutual understanding. Otherwise we hate eachothers guts. I've been doing my job as a vampire hunter and helping them out with killing all the vampires that turn up. Well the ones that are a threat anyway.

Elena and Bonnia as well as Caroline all learned about the supernateral and me being a vampire hunter. Katherine, Stefan and Damons ex who they thought died back in 1864 came back and turned Caroline. Right before Katherine came back Damon thought she was in a tomb underneath the church so hr convinced Bonnie and her grams to open it. That's when we found out about Katherine being alive all along.

Sheila also died after using so much power. The tomb vampires escaped. They tortured Stefan but luckily me, Damon and Elena managed to free him with help from the new history teacher Alaric Saltzman. Alaric's a vampire hunter like me. Damon killed his ex Isobel who we learned is also Elena's birth mother and a vampire.

Jeremy learned about vampires and everything eilse by reading Elena's journal. At first he hated both of us but eventualky he came to forgive us. Our unce John turbed up. He hates vampires and has a ring that can bring him back to life if he's killed by supernateral. He used a devise to track down the vampires and killed them all including Jeremy's girlfriend Anna exept Damon who managed to escape. Stefan was never even caught.

Katherine showed up with Tylers uncle Mason who turned out to be a werewolf. Katherine is looking for the moonstone. Tyler also happens to be a werewolf and only recently broke the curse ehile Caroline's been helping him. We all hate Katherine's guts and tonight we're going to kill her.

My bestfriends Cookie, Ali, and Eli have all decided to stay out of the supernateral drama. Recently Ali had to move back in with her parents in New York but she keeps in touch with us. Eli had to move in with Ali because her parents moved somewhere else without her and she has no other family to take care of her. Cookie and me however are as close as ever eventhough we don't see eachover much other than in dance. I tell her everything that's going with the supernateral in Mystic falls. I also think that Damon and her might be falling for eachover because of how much time they spend together. So that's everything that has happened in Mystic falls in the last few weeks. Back to the present.

I was getting ready to help kill Katherine. We were going to do it at the masquerade. Boonie was going to cast a spell on a room which would trap vampies inside like the tomb. Jeremy would help her. Alaric and I are supplying some weapons. I'm also going to be in the room with Stefan and Damon to kill Katherine. We're leaving Elena out of this because it's too dangerous fpr her. Especially since she and Katherine look exactly alike exept Katherine's hair is curly like mine so people can't see two Elena's.

I'm wearing a sparkly long sleeved silver dress than went three inches above my knees. The sleeves were spread out an became loose at the end. I also wore black leggins so I could move quicker and black boots where I could keep a stake. I had a black glittery shoulder bag to go with the outfit and keep my other weapons. My wask was a simple black sequin mask. My curly brown hair fell loose down my back. My makeup was simple black eyeliner, mascara and silver eyeshadow. Overall I looked amazing.

I walked down the stairs to the Salvatore boarding house. Stefan had given me a permenant room for whenever I stayed here which was a lot. I was going with Damon as my date because the only other option was to not go at all which I thought was a bit unfair.

As soon as Damon saw me he smirked as usual and took my hand. I rolled my eyes but let him lead me to his car. The drive to the Lockwood mansion was horrible. Damon kept annoying me the whole way but eventually we made it.

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