He Scares Your Child In An Argument (Louis Tomlinson)

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“Is it really possible that you could be a bigger dick?” You growled, clenching your fists by your sides as you stared straight at your husband in front of you.

“Is it really possible that you could be a bigger bitch?” He countered, blue eyes blazing as he stared you down.

“I’m the bitch? You’re the one who started this whole fight. Of course it’s pointless now, I don’t even remember what the hell you yelled at me about in the first place,” You turned to walk briskly out the door, but your shoulder was caught roughly by a hand, and you were yanked back around to face Louis.

“Oh, you’re not leaving now,” He snapped, keeping a tight grip on your skin. “It’s not pointless at all. My reason was justified.”

“When is yelling at your wife whenever she first gets home from a stressful day at work ever justified?!” You screamed, your emotions finally working their way to your mouth from the pit of your stomach.

What you both seemed to have forgotten about was that it was late at night. Late at night, as in your eight year old daughter was supposed to be asleep down the hall.

And she was asleep like she was supposed to be. Until she heard the loud voices of her parents rising and floating through the house. She had heard her parents be loud before, but she had never heard the harsh tone behind both of their voices that happened now. She had never heard her mum rise her voice much above a normal talking voice, for that matter.

The young child’s curiosity coming over her, she gently pried herself from her warm sheets, making sure to grab her stuffed bear, before shuffling out of her room and slowly down the hallway. She cringed every time she heard her mother sharply yell, and almost went back to her room whenever she heard the tone of voice her father was using. 

With a rapid beating heart and shaky and clammy hands she gently pried open the closed door of the room the voices were echoing from. And it was at the complete wrong time.

“I’m not a possession that can be owned by anyone,” You yelled. “You can’t just disrespect me because I’m yours.”

“Really, I can’t?” He shot back, stepping dangerously close to you, the angry aurora coming off of him scaring you slightly. You tried to take a step away from him before your shoulder was shoved roughly backwards. 

Loosing your balance, you tripped over your own feet, falling flat on your backside, your back bouncing off of the wall. An involuntary cry of pain left your lips, and you immediately shrunk back away in pain. That’s when your daughter announced her presence.

“Mummy! Mum, are you okay?” She burst inside the room, waddling over to you quickly and bending down beside you. “Here, have teddy help.”

You pulled your head out of your knees, smiling softly at your daughter. “Thanks honey. Hey, c’mon, let’s head back to bed, okay?” You weakly climbed to your feet, a small spot in your back shooting pain through your whole spine when you stood up.

“Let me take her to bed,” Louis offered blankly, only speaking up now. His face had paled the moment a cry of pain left your mouth, and had been frozen in spot ever since.

“No!” You daughter cried, fear flashing across her face as she clung to your leg, pointing an accusing and chubby finger at Louis. “No! You hurt mummy! And you might hurt me!”

He opened his mouth to say something, face falling even further at her words, but you cut him off quickly.

“Let’s go sweetheart,” You whispered, prying her grip off you and gently herding her out into the hallway toward her room. You shuffled along slowly behind her, finally making it to her room. She waddled inside, immediately climbing to her bed as you shut the door behind both of you.