One Stupid Hiking Trip.....

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She had to drag me along. I didn't want to come, but my mom made me so that she could go. Let me explain. The name's Cara. My little sister, Chloe, wanted to go hiking. But she couldn't drive, my mom had a bad knee, my dad was away, so I was the only one that could take her. I hate hiking. All the bugs, the branches whipping into your face, and the sunburns! Oh the sunburns! Basically, it's torture.
Me and Chloe walked into the lodge. The lobby was made out of wood, with beautiful six-paned windows. There were scenes carved into the walls, forests, hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, you name it. But what caught my eye were the beautiful carvings of animals. Normally, you would see different types of animals keep to themselves. But in these carvings, all different types were together. Tigers, lions, panthers, cheetahs, wolves, foxes, eagles, songbirds, ravens, you name it, they were there. I snapped myself out of my trance and dragged Chloe to the desk.
"We'd like our room." I said, cutting straight to the point.
"Names?" The guy behind the mahogany counter asked. He wore a fine Italian suit. I could tell this guy didn't go hiking.
"Cara and Chloe." I replied.
"Last names?"
"ID?" He asked. I inwardly sighed, then held up my card.
"Room 303." He concluded, passing me the keys. Then he looked at his watch, a worried expression creasing his brow. He watched impatiently as we walked away, rubbing his calf and tapping his foot.
We walked up the stairs once, then up the stairs again. Didn't this lodge have elevators? Our room was in the middle of the hallway in the third floor. It was decorated in the same way as the lobby, except there were two small beds and night stands by each one. I set my duffel bag down on the floor and got into my PJ's. Chloe did the same.
"NO TV?" I roared.
"Duh, what did you expect." Chloe said under her breath. But I still heard it.
Chloe blew a stray lock of hair away from her face.
"Dude, it's a remote lodge. Of course there's no Wi-Fi." She replied matter-of-factly. I just glared at her.
Eventually I settled with some Minecraft. I checked the time.
"Fishsticks! It's 10:00! Lights out!" I said. Chloe looked up from her book. You could see the similarities between us. Both Chloe and I had smooth brown hair with gold highlights. Chloe had hers up in a ponytail, with that lock of hair drifting down from her pulled back bangs. She blew it away. Mine was long and flowing in all it's glory, down. We both had gentle waves in our hair, and those trademark electric blue eyes. We had pale skin, and freckles. Chloe had Mom's nose, a thin, not that pointy nose. Mine was thicker, like Dad's. Chloe's face was oval shaped, once again like Mom's. Mine was rounder, like, you guessed it, Dad's. I was 21, while Chloe was 10. Chloe had peridot earrings, while I had sapphire. Chloe put her book down as I put my phone down. I flopped back onto the pillows and stared at the carvings. I closed my eyes and drifted off.

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