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Russia x Lithuania Fanfiction **WARNING: CONTAINS LEMON**

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Lithuania had just gotten off the phone with his best friend Poland and was now sitting on his bed in his room calmly. Even though they were total opposites the two nations got along great. Poland was always there for the brunette, even sometimes when Russia would hit him. The Lithuanian was sitting on his bed with his head in his knees. Just then he heard someone open the door to his room and quietly walk in.  He thought it was probably Latvia because the youngest of the Baltic Trio has a habit of not knocking on the door when he walks in a room. That’s why Russia got angry at him sometimes, because according to Russia “Not knocking on doors is un-polite, da?”  The eldest Baltic country kept calm until he heard a childish voice quietly say, “Mr. Lithuania…” Lithuania knew that voice, the only voice that gives him nightmares, the voice that makes shivers go down his spine every time he hears it. Russia’s voice. The only thing the Baltic could do was tremble as he looked over to see the Russian standing there with a childish smile.  Although the taller country had a certain gleam in his violet eyes as he walked towards the Lithuania.

The Baltic shakily stood up and nervously said, “Yes, Mr. R-Russia?” The tall Russian didn’t answer, he just walked towards Lithuania with the same childish smile on his round face. Lithuania was scared to death, if nations could die.  The brunette just stood there trembling as the blonde got closer and closer to him. Russia was now centimeters away and Lithuania was scared for his life, Russia usually only had this look when he was going to hurt him. The taller man pushed the other nation down on the bed, grabbed his wrists with one hand and pinned them above his head. The younger mans emerald eyes shot open wide as the Russian shoved his cold lips on his. Lithuania tried to shout and that’s when Russia shoved his tongue in his mouth. A blush started spreading across Lithuania’s face as the Russian man explored his mouth.  Russia’s normally pale face was now bright red as he continued kissing the other.  The taller man broke the kiss when he unzipped the other’s pants. The Lithuanians face just got redder. How could he let Russia violate him like this? The Baltic felt even more embarrassed as he realized that during the kiss he had gotten pretty hard.

Russia pulled down Lithuania’s pants and underwear and smiled when he saw the other countries erected member. The blonde took off his glove and touched the tip of it. Lithuania squirmed blushing even more. “Stay still…” the Russian demanded. The emerald green eyed man didn’t dare disobey Russia. He tried his best to stay still and hold back his moans as the Russian ran his hand up and down his length. Lithuania felt so ashamed, he kind of liked what the Russian man was doing to him, even if it was wrong. He decided that if he enjoyed what was happening then it would be over sooner. He squeezed his eyes shut as he arched his back on his olive green bed sheets moaning in pleasure. Russia kept smiling as he saw the lust that was in Lithuania’s eyes. He got hard just looking at Lithuania. Lithuania was almost to the edge when the Russian put his tongue on the tip of his length. The Russian began sucking on it and, he tried to hold back his orgasm but he couldn’t.

Lithuania screamed the other countries name as he cummed in Russia’s mouth. He started worrying, he thought ‘What if Mr. Russia gets angry because I didn’t warn him and did that in his mouth?!” But the taller country wasn’t angry at Lithuania at all. He smiled as he swallowed Lithuania’s cum.

Russia took off his pants and underwear to show off his fully erected member. He took off his coat and then unbuttoned Lithuania’s shirt and took it off so they were both naked. Except Russia still had on his scarf.  He stuck his fingers in Lithuania’s mouth and Lithuania sucked on them so they were covered in saliva. He flipped the other country on his stomach and stuck one finger in and Lithuania squirmed. By the time he got to the third finger Lithuania was prepared. He whispered, “You are ready, Da?” Russia asked politely. The smaller country nodded. He slowly stuck it in. Lithuania had to get used to it and then he quietly said, “Go ahead…” Russia nodded and started thrusting in and out. Lithuania’s cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure as the Russian hit his sweet spot. “H-Harder!” Lithuania screamed as Russia thrusted in and out harder and faster. Russia shouted the others nation’s name in Russian as he orgasmed still inside him.  They both fell on the bed, breathing heavily, and out of energy.

Lithuania wasn’t really ashamed anymore that he liked it. He just wanted to go to sleep. The couple fell asleep on the bed naked, Russia spooning Lithuania.

A couple hours went by and that’s when Belarus walked in, her ocean blue eyes wide with shock.

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