New Baby

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We went to the doctors and some girls were talking to Chris! But they're fans but fans can get touchy....touch em imma beat they asses!

Girls:Can you take your shirt off?

Everyone:YES PLEASE *screams*

Chris:Shh guys and no we're in a hospital. But I got a tour in two weeks!

Everyone:Oh yea OK!

Yn:*rolls eyes* Thirsty bitches *under breath*

Nurse:Yn the doctor is ready for you and Chris.

Yn:Come on Chris

We walked into the room and I layed on the bed my stomach was getting big by the day and hour gosh!

Doctor:*looking at the screen* Yup there's a baby in there

Yn:How long do I have?

Doctor:You came really late so like 1 month

Yn:I'm FAT

Doctor:It's good because the baby comes out faster cause its bigger

Yn:I do like chubby babies


Chris:If the baby comes early is that bad?

Doctor:Nope. Since your so far in and it's healthy then you guys are ok *winks*


Chris:What's funny?

Yn:We know why you asked that and then she winked


We went to pick up Dainelle from school and she was acting a little weird! Like someone touched her and she didn't want to be touched!



Danielle:I wanna buckle my carseat belt

Chris:Ok Mrs.Bossy


Danielle:Yes mommy

Yn:Someone at school touching you?

Danielle:No mommy

Yn:You wouldn't lie to mommy would you?

Danielle:No mommy


Danielle (Dani)

I was scared to tell them! My mommy would kill someone. And my daddy's famous and not scared to go to jail!

My teacher has been touching me and showed me his hot doggy and asked me if I wanted to touch it!!!!!

Next day School

Dani:*sitting down* Leave me alone

Teacher:It's ok

Dani:*closes eyes tight*

Teacher:It really is I talked to your mommy

Dani:Na ah I'm not stupido

Teacher:*puts his Dingaling in her face rubbing it on her cheek*


After school mom picked me up...

Mom:Ok Dani Whats up with you?!

Dani:*starts crying* The teacher touches me and makes me look at his hot doggy!

Mom:*covers her ears* OH HELL TO THE DAMN FUCKING NO! IM TO PREGNANT FOR THIS DAMN SHIT! *goes inside and starts beating the teacher*

Me:*runs in the car*

Mom:*stomping him*

Carrie (Yn,mom)

Yn:*gets on the car* Yup she told me... Hell no! Love you to bye.

Dani:I'm sowwy

Yn:It's ok you shoulda just said somen

Dani:Im taking a shower when I get home

Yn:Did he put his doggy in your coo coo?




Yn:Watch it!

At home Chris ran to her picking her up and checking for bruises and scars.

Yn:There arn't any she's fine.we're moving you to a different school

Dani:*runs upstairs*

Yn:*holds stomach*

Chris:*rubs your back*

Yn:*sighs* Chris


Yn:The baby's coming I did to much!

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