Chapter 13

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"What?" My voice comes out as a croak. Small and timid.

"We want you to become the leader, to represent us, to marry my son." I back away from the woman carefully, and analyze my options. I could run, but I'd probably starve, I could go back to camp but then I'd be a slave.

"Why me?" I ask. I'm cautious, scared, and she can sense it.

"It's not for your brains, sweety," she says mockingly, "It's for your beauty and power . People respond to beautiful people, who once were in the position of power. We'll market you as a queen and people will believe it. But it won't be easy. We will have to change you in ways you ever imagined possible."

"Is there any other option?" I ask. She shakes her head.

"If you refuse, youre just another mouth to feed. An escapee. We might send you back." I scoff at the though.

The door opens, startling us both. It's the man who saved me, and he looks upset.

"Mother, leave the girl alone. She's probably underfed and scared. She can sleep in my room, just let her be," he says. His room? No. Never. I am tired of men.

"Thanks," I mumble. If I agree he will be my husband. Jason pulls me out of the room, in such a harsh manner that my arm aches. I bite my lip.

"I can't marry you, Jason," I tell him. He nods slowly.

"I expected that," he admits, "And I can't exactly blame you, but I can't save you either. Promise me you'll consider?" I nod. Fine. I'll consider. There's no harm in that.

He takes me to his room, which is more of a suite, and offers me the chance to sleep on his large cozy bed. It's improper, I know, but I'm so desperate for comfort I agree, and fall asleep soon after. Ellie plagues my dreams. Her look of terror as she's pinned to the ground, looking into my eyes as I start to run. I'm a coward.

I'm screaming. I didn't realize it, but I must have been pretty loud, because Jason rushes in. He's cover in sawdust.

"Are you okay?" he asks me. I nod slowly, but my mouth is traitorous.

"I'm scared about Ellie. I abandoned her. She could die!" He looks at me for a second before laughing. My hand swipes is cheek as tears come down my face.

"Why are you laughing," when he continues, to chuckle, I go into full on hysteria, "You're a monster."

"No, I'm laughing because she could take anyone down in seconds. She's in no danger."

"How can you be so sure," I ask.

"Because I'm right here." I turn to see Ellie at the doorway, an arrogant smile plastered across her face.

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