The Alpha's Daughter - Chapter 34

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Max fell asleep on my lap, and I was left to listen to the noise going on outside.

You’re a coward, Knight, the wee voice in my head growled, your whole family’s out there fighting, and you’re in here cuddling a baby.

I had always insisted that I was as good as Radleigh and Jase, no matter what my gender, and here I was sitting here while they were attacked by Dante’s pack. My family were getting slaughtered by the very people I had tried so hard to get away from.

Sighing, I lay Max down on the sofa, putting a pillow across the edge so he didn’t roll off. Then, I walked from the kitchen, swallowing. I was going to have to give myself up. I was going to have to leave with Dante to ensure than no-one died because of me and my actions.

I glanced through the window, instantly surprised that it was mostly Dante’s pack who were lying on the ground bleeding. I could see dad circling an injured Dante, his tail in the air. It would’ve been so inappropriate to laugh, but he looked so cocky about the whole thing.

Rollo was nowhere to see and part of me was hoping that he had managed to crawl off somewhere to heal. I may not have been particularly fond of him, but that didn’t mean I wanted him to die.

Tentatively, I took a few steps towards the door, only for Cal’s voice to shoot through my head, causing me to double over from the sheer volume of it.

Don’t you dare come out here, Annie, he warned. Who the hell did he think he was? Ordering me about? I placed my hand on the door handle, only for someone to grab my arm. Instinct took over and I flinched, managing to hit my knee off of the door.

Grumbling and rubbing my knee at the same time, turning to see Georgie staring at me. Here came the guilt tripping… I sighed and let go of the doorknob, putting my hands up in a surrendering motion. She nodded curtly and led me into the living room.

“You can help me and Sierra set out the First Aid things,” she told me. I glanced around the room. For Gods’ sake; they were wolves! They healed after a few hours! What the hell did they need bandages for? They were like little old women, never happy unless they were clucking over some tragic death.

“Annie, you can just sit and breathe,” Sierra said, patting the sofa she was kneeling in front of her. “We can’t have you straining yourself in your condition.” Condition? They made it seem like I had some awful disease. For love for all that was bright and shiny- I was having a baby! I wasn’t the first and I definitely wasn’t going to be the last! I wasn’t going to die if I did anything. They were just being ridiculous now.

“Is Jase out there?” I asked. I looked to the windows, but someone – most likely Sierra – had drawn the curtains, so that I couldn’t see out of them. Well, that was…annoying.

“I don’t know,” Sierra sighed quietly, re-folding some blankets. I leaned back on the sofa; no doubt I was going to have to listen to the rant of Jase Knight about me being a complete slacker. Sometimes it was hard to believe that we shared DNA.

I didn’t even bother to ask if Macca was out fighting; it might set Georgie off again. Recently, she had been all over the place. Crying, shouting…mood swings. Radleigh was beginning to fear women. I sniggered as I remembered, upon being on the receiving end of Georgie after attempting to do the laundry, him exploding, “Y’know, it’s women like you that make me want to turn gay!” Cue rather a lot of jibes from Ade and Zane, topped up by jokes from Cal.

Georgie’s head snapped up, glaring at me.

“They’re outside fighting to death and you’re laughing?” she asked incredulously. Well, I certainly wasn’t laughing now. I rolled my eyes, curling up in the corner of the sofa. I was just going to stay quiet for the next half hour; talking just seemed to get me in trouble.

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