Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Ava woke with a knot in her stomach that morning, she had a bad feeling about it, something was going to happen she just knew it. With a sigh, she managed to drag herself out of bed, groaning as she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, her black hair a tangled mess and last night’s makeup smudged on her pale face. She had drank too much the night before, tried to forget what today was but no matter how much she drank, how much she tried to forget there was no way she could avoid it.

She walked down the stairs stumbling slightly, the effects of the three bottles of wine she had drunk still coursing through her now aching body. When she got to the front door her heart started to thump in her chest, it was there just as she had expected, just as she had feared. She swiped up the pile of post from the floor and threw aside the bills and junk mail she received on a daily basis, it was the big brown envelope she wanted.

With a sigh she sat down at the table in the kitchen and with shaky hands she opened it and pulled it out, she had hoped he would change his mind, hoped he would see sense, but she knew now he was serious and there was no turning back the clock. Her phone ringing tore her away from the letter and she placed it down on the table and answered the call.

“Hello?” she grumbled into the phone.

When she realised it was him it was too late to end the call, hearing his voice made her heart sink and that knot in her stomach was back. She gulped and sighed into the phone, “Are you calling to gloat?” she asked him unsure why he was calling her.

“No, I wanted to know if you got it?” he snapped.

“Yes I got it, thank you very much, happy anniversary by the way!” she screamed at him before she threw the phone across the room and started to sob.

She wiped away her tears furiously, refusing to let him break her and picked the letter up again, after reading all through it, she grabbed a pen and signed on the dotted line. She shook her head as she thought about what he had done, they had only been married for a year and she had found out he had been having an affair with someone she had once considered to be a friend.

Her mother had always told her that she was too young to get married, she had been convinced her daughter was pregnant, but that wasn’t the case she was young and in love. Not that it got her anywhere, now she was young and divorced. She was about to go and inspect the damage she had inflicted on her phone when a key in the front door startled her.

“Chase?” she shouted from the kitchen, he was the only person who had a key, but she had just spoken to him and he was meant to be at work.

She rolled her eyes when he stormed into the kitchen looking furious with her, “You need to get over this, we have been over for six months, you knew this day was coming?” he roared his eyes narrowing at her.

“I’ll have that key back. Your precious divorce is on the table, so kindly go away!” she hissed jumping up and walking over to the kitchen counter to turn the kettle on.

Chase ran his hand through his blonde hair and shook his head, “Drinking last night? Pick up any men?” he asked looking towards the stairs.

The urge to slap him was overwhelming, nearly as overwhelming as the urge to cry but she was not giving him the satisfaction of her tears, “So what if I was drinking, and so what if there is a man up there. I am not your wife anymore, so go back to that whore you left me for!”

She knew her harsh words had stung him, but she was glad to see a wave of emotion finally cross his face, it was something, it was better than the looks of sympathy she had received from him in the last few weeks. Chase slammed the key down on the table and turned his back on her, “You know something Ava, she is twice the woman you could ever be!” he barked as he left the house as quickly as he had entered it.

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