Chapter 12

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While I was thinking, he already came in.

"Anna! Are you alright? I heard you're sick! Should I go and buy you some medicine?"

"It's okay."
"I promised to be there whenever needed so I am here for you. I will call you a doctor."

"Wait.... You're not sick?"
"No, I lied to the manager!"




*10 minutes later*

"No Anna. You just can't leave because you can't deal with your problems!"

"Zac, I have to. We're not supposed to be in each other's lives. It's a big mistake, so I have to leave everything and everyone."

"Nothing is a mistake. Everything happens for a reason. We're best friends and nothing will ever change that. Not Jason not anyone."

I knew Zac was right. I tried to push my negative thoughts away. What he said was true: we were best friends and nothing could ever change that.

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