Morning Love

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You flatter your eyes open as you awake, you feel muscles underneath your hand and an arm around your waist. Looking up you see a sleeping symbiote, you can't help but think it's cute, but also a little odd. 'Where exactly am I? I'm I still at home? If so then am I on the couch or in bed? Why is he holding me?' You begin wondering when you felt him move. "Morning love, ssorry if us holding you iss a bit frightening." You slightly smile and shake your head "not at all, it's actually quite comfortable." You reply rubbing your hand on his abs. 'Wait did he call me love?' You toke your hand from his abs to his arm that was around your waist. "Ssorry love." He said removing his arm, you crawled over him, noticing that you were on the couch. You stood looking at him with a questioning look. He was quiet for moment then he spoke "are you wondering how you ended up being in our armss?" "Um.. yeah a little" you said with a nervous look on your face, he chucked then walked to you, grabbing hold of your hand with a smirk, "we ssaw you drift to ssleep when you were about to fall over, we caught you. We were going to put you in your bed but the door wass sshut and we didn't want to be rude and intrude on your privacyy." Your heart fluttered as he spoke, he was very nice to not enter your room. "Thank you but you could have gone in there, the only thing that I have to hide is in my dresser." You joked looking at his closed mouth, "and what might that be?" He questioned as his smirk got bigger showing his pointed teeth just a bit. "Well, female undergarments." You say holding his hand tightly as you spoke. He chucked then shook his head, "Ssilly girl you are." He said grabbing a hold of your waist. Your eyes widen as his nail touch your stomach.

"I have to change out of these clothes if you don't mind." You say placing your free hand on his shoulder. "But first can we have little fun?" He asked lightly clawing your stomach, leaning in closing the space in between you guys. "Um.. ah.. I-" you were cut off by his lips crashing on to yours. He held you a little tighter, his nails pierced your skin, the tip of his tongue licking your lips. All of it made you give into his wishes, "alright" you say wrapping your tongue with the tip of his.

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