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Prompt: Calum finds Ash saying his name in What I like about you a turn on 😱

Calum's P.O.V
It was that time of the show where we were playing our last song, What I like about you. I love this song, as you can jump around and go completely crazy, but it's also a buzz for the fans to see that we keep our energy till the second we leave the stage.

But today was different, it was the first time playing this song since Ashton and I became boyfriends. It was quite funny how it happened really; Ash was cuddling me on the sofa and I was feeling hot and couldn't get comfortable, so I sat up and took off my shirt.

I was sweating quite a bit, and there were beads of sweat rolling down my chest, but I've been in worse positions so I threw my arm around Ash again, and he kept cuddling me with his head on my shoulder. But I still wasn't comfy and I kept moving around, and I tried to sit up again but my hand flew out and accidentally hit Ashton's crotch.

I would have apologised had he not moaned. He froze, but I sat up and faced him, asking what happened. He just shrugged and said he couldn't say, so I smirked and asked him to show me.

He literally launched himself on top of me and kissed the hell out of me, not that I was complaining as I kissed him back. That was about two months ago and we've been constantly together ever since.

And like I say, this was the first time we had performed this song together as being a couple. Naturally I found Ash's drumming hot, I mean he is there moving around to the music, wearing a tank top which exposes his muscles, with sweat running down his face, and honestly it's a turn on for me.

We had reached the bit in the song where Ash sings, and as he sang his lines I smiled to myself, thinking that this boy was mine.

"That's what I like about you, you hold me tight," I heard from behind me. Here is where he usually says, "Hello Wembley!" or "How we all doing tonight?" Into the microphone, but today he said "Over to you, Calum Hood," and my heart literally dropped in my chest. I managed to squeak out my lines before going into my bass solo, willing myself to breathe properly again.

I remember as we took our last bow and then I was the first to rush off stage, Ashton quick in success, and I met him by the sofa in the dressing room where we usually did after a show.

As I walked in the room, I closed the door and locked it, before swaying over to Ash, and standing in front of him so our noses were almost touching. I placed my hands on his chest and gently pushed him down onto the sofa, so he was laying on his back. He grinned in a knowing fashion, and didn't say anything.

I smirked and crawled on top of him, so I was lying between his legs. He looked at me expectantly, and wrapped his long arms around my neck, as I cupped his cheeks and harshly slammed our lips together. I gave Ash open-mouthed kisses on his lips and licked eagerly at his bottom one, causing him to moan and pull me closer.

I roamed his mouth with my tongue, liking how I was in charge for once. he seemed to like it too, and I sucked on his bottom lip before pulling away, and began pressing kisses to his neck, occasionally nibbling gently. He panted and tilted his head back, granting me more access.

"W-what was this f-for?" he panted beneath me.

I spoke my reply through nibbles at his neck. " tonight and..."

He cut me off with a roll of his hips, causing me to moan loudly. "When I called your name at the end? It got to you, didn't it babe?"

"Mhmm," I groaned out, letting Ash flip us over so he could attack my neck this time. I like this Ash, I like him a lot.


I liked this idea haha💜

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