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Author's Note: Hey lovelies, this is my first one-shot/book on wattpad!

"For f*cks sake! Just get in the damn hole!"

Mitch watched from the doorway finding great pleasure in watching his blonde counterpart have an oddly sexual struggle with assembling the new Ikea furniture they had just brought home. He tried to hold back a giggle at watching the grown man throw a toddler-grade fit in their living room but failed miserably and was soon shot down with angry glare from the man-child.

"This isn't funny Michelle!" Scott cried indignantly from his spot on the carpet. His voice cracked at the end of the statement only throwing the tenor into hysterics as he walked into the room joining Scott on the floor. "I don't know Scooter it's pretty damn funny to me," Mitch replied with a smirk as his boyfriend gave an irritated grunt and flopped onto his back.

"Well we can't call this new table Mitchell because I can actually get in YOUR holes," Scott remarked with a cheeky grin. Mitch gasped as he smacked the other man's chest only causing the blonde to release a chuckle and grasp the brunette's slender hand.

"Don't be an ass Hoying."

"You LOVE my ass Grassi"

"Not right now that's for damn sure."

"Mhmmm sureee," Scott drawled placing a soft kiss on the palm of Mitch's hand causing the younger man to roll his eyes, sigh, and lower himself on the ground to rest beside him. Mitch positioned himself on his stomach so that he was half lying on the taller man. He buried his face into the crook of Scott's neck before giving a gentle contented sigh that prompted Scott to slowly rub his hand up and down the tenor's spine.

"Are we going to even attempt to finish the table?" Mitch asked.

"Uncle's gotta lay on something...." Scott murmured in response but made no move to get up and only rubbed his cheek against the top of Mitch's head.

"My WINE has to lay on something is what I think you meant to say," Mitch replied but he also made no attempt to change their position, too content in the current moment. After several minutes of comfortable silence, Scott finally spoke up,

"How long are we going to lay here Spongebob?"

"We can lay here forever Patrick," Mitch responded, placing a kiss against Scott's neck. With this gorgeous man laying next to him, Scott has no reason to object.

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