Dimitri's POV:

I wonder what my life would be like if my dad was still alive. Maybe then my mother wouldn't go out so much and bring home so many men. But maybe Terrence would be "the one" for her, ya know? I got ready for the next day of school.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Next Day~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(still Mitri's POV)

"Mom, I think I wanna walk to school and back from now on." I told her. It was more exercise and it was less time to talk to Terrence. I mean, the guy was alright, but it's not like the relationship was gonna last that long anyways. She shrugged her shoulders, back turned from me, making coffee. "Fine with me, less gas, be safe." she mumbled. I glanced back for a second, then walked out the door, "Bye, love you."

I walked by and looked at all the graffiti in the nearby alley. It was some sweet stuff on the walls but I wouldn't do it. Well at least not on public property...I know better than that, I guess.

I saw the girl from yesterday again, Priscilla, I think her name was.

I ran over to her, "Priscilla, right?"

"Yeah, das' me."

"We...should talk more."

She smacked her gum so loud I didn't even know if she heard me.

"Bout' what, I don't know you. What, you wanna save anotha lil girl from a train?"

"I...I just wanted to talk and-"


"Well yeah, I'm new here and stuff and kinda did wanna talk to you about Yumi, I guess. And.. I just wanted a friend, thas' all, don't be offended or nothin', dang."

She gave me one of those chin-checks, lookin' me up and down seein' what I was about.

She met my eyes and said, "Don't be thinkin' the wrong thang, I ain't no hoochie lookin chin checka'."

 I narrowed my eye, "This is 4th grade, Priscilla..."

She shrugged, "And? People do nasty things. With this economy, especially. And call me P or somethin', not too many people call me by that name."

We jumped to so many different topics that day. She was kinda funny from what I've seen so far. Okay, no, reaallllyyy funny, actually.

"My daddy so ghetto, we was inna hotel one time and we was hungry so he bought like 3 things of Ramen Noodles and there wasn't no microwave or stove to heat them up so he used the coffee pot to cook them....good times...." her voice trailed off while I was laughing.

We both got up and dusted ourselves off even though there was really nothin' on us.

"You ain't bad, Pris-, I mean...P." I smiled friendly and shyly.

"You, too, so what about Yumi? I think we should talk to her."

I kinda wanted to become her friend more. Is that too soon? I wanted to learn more about her, she sounded interesting. The way she spoke was so....rhythmic , too. That was sweet how God could make people with such rhythm in someone's voice.

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