Chapter Eleven "Unlocked Door"

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She opens her eyes but stood up and walked infront of me. Not looking at me. Just facing the floor.

"I can see it.. I act like I dont but I see how you look at her!" She yelled

I stand up to hold her arm. "Dont." She says firmly. So I took my hands off of her.

"I'm sorry." Was the only thing I could think of to say. She really knows me. I want to die right now.

"I know you are." She says calmly and turns her  back at me.

"It hurts so much Abbie. Was I not enough? You know what I think?" Her voice is starting to break.

She continues "I think about....maybe I was just a tiny bit late. Just a few hours late.... like, if we got the chance to confess to each other just maybe that morning before you went to the mall with Kyle..." she's crying now. I can hear her sob in between her sentences. "...maybe if I told you at that moment that I like you, too.... maybe... you wouldn't care about Sum--..... SUMMER!"

Shes crying harder this time. "..coz you already have me..." she says silently. "Just... what if we knew we liked each other just before you left.. what if??"

"I dont know Don." Shit. I'm sounding like I'm so heartless right now. I'm so fucking stupid!!

Its so quiet even tho we can hear the party outside. All I can hear is her crying.

I hug her from behind. She doesnt fight it.

I'm crying too now. "Donna. Please! I'm so sorry. Shit! I'm so sorry! Im so fucking stupid! I fucked up! I hurt you! I cant expect you to forgive me. But I'm gonna try until you and I can be bestfriends again even if it means me trying for the rest of my life!"

She gets off my embrace and faces me. She wipes my tears off.

"Its okay. I'm just gonna act like all of this never happened. You and I never happened. We never kissed. We never called each other babe. I'm gonna pretend everything alright until everything is alright. Okay? You do the same." She says trying to smile.

"W-what?" I'm shocked. I never saw this coming.

"When we get out of this room. We leave everything in this room." She says firmly and walked out of the room.

I stood there. Still paralyzed in shock and confusion. What happened?

My phone startsbto vibrate and I took it out of my pocket.

Its Summer. Calling me. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat.

I answered "Hi" trying not to sound like I just cried.

"Hey. Happy Birthday Abbie. Hows the party?"

"Thank you Summer. Its okay. Arent you coming?"

"I am! Just a little more later. I just need to finish things here at the cafe."

"Okay. Should I pick you up?"

"No. No. Kyles here with me. We'll go there together."

"Okay." I tried sounding indifferent. Deep down it hurt. "Okay see you later."

"Abbie. Can I ask you a favor?"

" what?"

"Dont drink till I get there. I need you sober. I'm gonna tell you something."


"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." I hang up.

What is she going to tell me? I suddenly got even more anxious.


Its 12midnight and everyone is so wasted except for me. Summer told me to NOT get drunk coz she was on her way so i layed off the alcohol and stayed at the balcony drinking soda.

A girl hugged me from behind and covered my eyes. "Guess.." she giggled.

"Summer?" I wasn't sure.

She uncovered my eyes and pulled me to face her.

It was Donna. A very drunk Donna.

She looked so disappointed from my answer.

"Oh, Donn---" before i could even finish she interrupted me with a kiss. I pulled myself back. "Donna, what ar--" she kissed me again.

Donna pulled me inside a room. She closed the door. She was so drunk. I manage to pull myself back.

"Don! what the hell are you doing?"

"What i should've done a loooooong time ago" she giggled and slowly pushed me against the wall.

She doesnt know what she is doing. She's so drunk right now. I think she drank way too much after we stopped talking.

I felt so weak. I was blushing and nervous. She still turns me on. I couldnt lie. I was liking it.

She pushed her lips against mine. When i kissed her back she stopped to smile and kisses me again.

We started to go to the bed while we undress each other. I was powerless. Lust took over me.

She was on top of me. She started kissing my neck and i let out a silent moan.

But i remembered Summer.

Donna tried to slip her hands in pants but i stopped her she looked at me a bit shocked. This wasnt right.

Suddenly someone knocked. We both look at the door. The door knob began to twist. Shit! Donna did not lock it. It opened and revealed Summer standing and shocked staring at us both on the bed half naked.

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