Chapter 1

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Lily's POV

I shut the door of the prefect bathroom behind me and immediately dropped down to the floor. I finally let the tears fall.

"Lily!" Sev's shouted desperately after me, his heavy fists pounding on the door.

"Go. Away." I choked out between sobs. He didn't stop, didn't even hesitate, just begged and begged and continued making his forlorn and flimsy excuses.

"Leave her alone." A voice hollered on the other side of the door, and I feel a surge of appreciation for the anonymous entity that took my side.

"No. Mind your own business," My used-to-be friend snarled back. Then I heard a shove, a hard one- a fight, more snarls, for me, for my tears.

"She doesn't want to be bothered by you. Leave her alone."

I wasn't sure who was saying these things but I was grateful. I wasn't sure how long I would've lasted against Sev's begging. I heard footsteps and knew that Sev had walked away. I still didn't move. I just kept sobbing, not being able to stop. I kept crying and crying for a long while, wrung out and dried up. Everything fell silent in the bathroom and I felt more cold and alone than I could ever recall feeling when I heard a soft knock on the door.

Still sitting with tears falling down my cheeks, I turned the doorknob and let whoever wanted to come into the bathroom in. My trembling hands were still covering my face so I didn't know who it was. I heard somebody slide down and sit on the floor next to me.

The next thing I knew I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder.

"It's ok. It's ok. Don't waste your tears on him."

It was a boy, his voice low in that new and indisputable teenager way, but I couldn't tell who it was and frankly, I didn't care. I leaned my face into his shoulder and cried more. He continued to tell me kind things, soft and quiet and comforting, empathetic in the nicest way. After a while I looked up, only to be surprised by the the person who I hated so much that the only person I hated more right now is Severus.

Well, that's awkward...

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