Misunderstood Feelings - Naruto Uzumaki

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(felt like it)

Third Person

(Name) was walking around the village, 'nothing could disturb this peaceful-'


'So much for peaceful...' she sweatdropped. The calling noise was getting louder. Already knowing who the person was, she turned around, half-expecting getting glomped to the floor.

"What is it, Naruto?" She asked rather sounding annoyed. She swore she could hear his mood drop from his head to his toes.

Now, it wasn't that (Name) hated Naruto. No. In fact it was the exact opposite. She was just to nervous to tell him the truth. To think, after crushing on him for about 3 years, she would've told him. But after Sasuke left, she had very little time with the handsome idiot, always looking for him. Well, she is cosidered like the most badass in the group, so what was she thinking? 'Today's the day I tell him! But he likes Sakura...'

"(Name)-chan? You're spacing out again."

Snapping back to reality, she saw Naruto looking like she was going to shake her shoulders to get her back from her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh, what was it again?" she asked, sounding unintrested, holding curiosity in.

"Well, I was asking if you wanted to eat ramen with me!" he replied, quite loudly, may I add.

"Sure. Why not?" she answered, holding in a squeal.

She was always considered the "master" at hiding her every emotion and outbursts. Yes, even better than the Younger Uchiha himself.

"Then what're we waiting for? Let's go!" Naruto shouted, holding her hand and dragging her to Ichiraku's, litterally dragging. She could barely balance her feet on the ground.

(Name) was a bit flustered at his sudden movement. Suppresing a blush by biting her cheek, proved hard as the pain gets to her, though she managed to succeed.

The blond practically pulled her down to her seat as he ate his ramen. While (Name) was on her first bowl, Naruto was on his fourth. 'How fast can he seriously eat?!' The (h/c) haired girl wondered, a confused face present on her face.

"(Name)-chan? What's wrong?" Naruto asked, noticing the confused look on her face.

The girl looked away immediately, taking in the fact that she was already inches away from Naruto's face, a light blush present on her cheeks.

After paying for their orders, practically dragging her to a hill, and located on top of said hill was a tree, deciding to watch the setting sun.

After watching the sun set on the horizon, the stars were shining brightly in the night sky, twinkling in their faces.

"Hey, uh, (Name)-chan?"


"Uhh, listen," Naruto said, nervously, scratching his head.

"I've always liked you, (Name)-chan, I always have. I was just to blind trying to get Sakura-chan to like me, that, I've never noticed my real feelings for you. But in the three years that I was away, I realized that I should've confessed to you sooner. In short, (Name) I love you, and it's okay if you don't feel the same way," Naruto confessed, sadness leaving the last part of the last sentence.

(Name) could only gape at him in disbelief and shock. Naruto had feelings for her all along? Had she been mistaken?

"Naruto. I feel the same way. I always did. At first I thought you were only an idiotic moron that didn't even know anything. I only saw the bad in you and not the good. I only realized I loved you the time you left the village. I felt like I was broken. I kept thinking about you. I thought you would never come back. But after you came back, I was mentally dancing, I felt like I was complete again. I missed you," (Name) confessed, a bit embarrassed that she just gave away her emotions.

She felt like she was dancing that she didn't notice Naruto leaning into her, until she felt something warm against her lips.

She widened her eyes, shocked from the sudden contact, but found herself responding eagerly, returning the kiss almost immediately, her mind was in pure bliss in the moment.

They pulled away, a blush evident on both of their cheeks.

"So (Name)-chan, wanna be my girlfriend?"

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