Chapter 8, the white rabbit

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Y/N's pov

I was out at the store again. My stomach cramping from what happened about an hour earlier. I sighed. I had tried to tell him no but apparently april fools day means "Im ben drowned I get what I want so ha!" day. Lots of people would give me weird looks. But not as weird as if they saw LJ in the store. Now that would be something. I grabbed more bags of candy for LJ as people wondered why I had so much. Food. I loved food. I loved to eat. Eating was good, as long as I don't get fat...I grabbed a couple more things and took out the Wallet LJ had found in his room. The boy working on the line I was going to check out in was pretty peculiar. He had almost bleach white hair, his eyes were this sort of pinkish brown color and he wore a black beanie. He had a lip piercing and he nibbled on his lip often. Also he would glance up at the clock all the time. When I made it to the line it looked like he was shocked. But then he shook his head and started scanning my items. "I like your hat..." I said quietly. He looked up from what he was doing and smirked. "Thanks..." Then he continued scanning. "Do you have a rewards card?" He asked. "I don't think so, I used to..." "I can look it up with your name..." "Y/N..." I said. He had a small smirk on his face as he typed my name then found my card number. "Your total is now 147.89 ." I took 2 100 dollar bills out of my wallet and he took it without question and gave me my change. "Aaaaaand looks like my shift is over..." He hopped out of the little place the check out people stand in and grabbed my cart. "Need any help with that?" "Im sure im ok..." I said with a smile. "Y/N huh?" He asked helping me with my cart anyway. "Yeah, that's me..." "I hear you've gone missing..." I raised my eyebrows. Shit. How did he know. "Uhh..." "So, what did you run away for?" He asked. "My mom and dad were shit..." I lied. "So you killed your mother? and your dad?" How did this kid know so did he know that both my parents were dead. "They died?" I pretend asked. "Yep, all over the papers last Monday..." "ehh, good for them..." He chuckled a little. "You've got a nice personality..." "If that's what you wanna call it." he started putting the bags in the trunk of the truck and when he was finished he strangely continued to talk to me. "Where you going to?" "home..." "Where is that?" He asked. He was starting to creep me out a little bit. "A place...where I live...." I answered. "Interesting..." his nose twitched a little. "Come here often?" He asked. "Only when we need food, usually on Saturdays...bu-" "Always go to check out 3" He said with a wink then walked away. "Later yellow eyes!..." "Later?" I responded. That was some weird kid...

Cheshire's pov

I sat in the corner of the store. Punching my hand. What was rabbit thinking, stealing my job like that...look....Y/N is MY mission. Not his, he can't just steal my job like that. They spoke for a while until rabbit came back inside and as soon as he came around the corner I pulled him into the spare room and punched him right in the gut. "OWWWWW....chillax chesh chillax..." He said with his hands in the air. "Don't call me chesh and don't steal my job..." I stated. "Oh?" He said with a smirk. "Your jealous..." He crossed his arms. "AM NOT..." I kicked his little rabbit shin and he fell to the floor. When he got back up he fixed his beanie and dusted off his pale skin. "Well aren't you nice...." He stated. "I am..." I hissed. "Alice wouldn't think so...considering what you did to her...." "She died because I needed the vorbal sword ok....I needed it in order to make zalgo's train of on the other hand aren't even in the association...." "Wanna bet?" he said with another smirk. His small nose twitched and he took out a paper. I read it over at least 6 times. "H-How..." I simply did nothing, he just thought I would be a good addition to the group, considering the fact that march hare betray us, we would need to even the odds." I rolled my eyes. "Well he could have promoted hatter...." "Oh you have no idea....hatter is with knifes milligan and Glorian right went off on your zalgo put hatter in charge until you returned...." "HATTER!?!??!?!?!?! IN CHARGE!!?!?!?!?!??!?! IS ZALGO CRAZY!?!??!?!??! YOU KNOW HOW THAT GUY IS!!!!!!" "We all know how hatter is h-" "HES MAD!!!!! MAD I TELL YOU!!!!! WORSE THAN ME!!!! MAYBE A LITTLE WORSE THAN ZALGO WHO KNOWS WHAT HATTER WILL DO TO Y/N!!!!!" That slipped. Rabbit applauded with his small petite hands. "And thus you admit...." "Shut the fuck up rabbit scum..." I kicked him again. "Your the one who let ben drowned steal the clock..." "THAT WASN'T MY FAULT HE JUMPED ME!!!!" He argued. "See...and thus you admit..." I smiled. "Chesh stop that your smile creeps me out..." I smiled as wide as I could. "OH MY FUCKING GOD STOP THAT..." I laughed and decided to pity him. "Hatter will mess everything up..." "Don't worry don't worry we have hatter on syntlex right now..." "YOU GAVE HIM THE MEDICATION!?!??!?!?!? DO YOU NOW WHAT HES LIKE IN HIS RIGHT MIND!??!?!?! ITS FAR WORSE!!!!!" I face palmed. "Oops." He shrugged. "He is going to be able to think more clearly and...and...." I face palmed again. "Somebody has to protect her..." "Are you saying you on their side...chesh...." Rabbit asked. "No......Y/N is mine.....I got my share of the deal and I signed....she's what I get if we one else touches her....Kapeesh?" He nodded. "but what about hatter and I's share of the deal....what do we get? that's up to zalgo......whatever he says go.....your little y/n share may go bye-bye..." "I will fucking...." I extended my claws and held them to his throat. "Your the prey little the fucking don't want to mess with me otherwise we may have to follow the rules of the food chain.....again.....kapeesh?" He nodded and I let go. "and I have more news....this is....pretty bad...." He shuttered. "Well spit it out!!!!!" I said. "The..." He started. "WELL?!?!?!?!" He sighed then looked into my eyes. "The pirates are coming..."

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