Chapter 18: A day out (Part One)

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"Whyyyyy! I look hideous!" You screeched, glaring at the reflection in the mirror. It was 3 days after the whole spy accident, mom decided it would be 'happy bonding time' between you and Aomine today.

She styled your hair with a curling iron before poking pins here and there in your hair. She caked your face with make up and threw you in a dress she bought from Paris. A lovely black dress too short for your own liking. Your whole body was balanced on the silver- 4 inch pencil heels.

"Shush, baby. You look great!!!" Your mom whispered-yelled excitedly, smiling down at her artwork.

"I look like some unicorns shit on me or something." You mumbled under your breath.

"Oh. Aomine-kun should be ready by now." Your mom said, releasing a girly squeal before pushing you out of your room and speeding away. You already had a hard time wearing heels, with a single push, you fall, flat on your face. Free fall. Your legs were up in a weird angle and your face kissing the floor.

"Ow." You groaned, getting back up. Your mom was on her way to call Aomine.

'Glad nobody saw tha-'

"GAHHHAAAHAHAHA!" came a very angelic laughter. Very angelic. -.-

You immediately stood up and glared at the tanned muscle-block.

"Shut up." You scowled, straightening your dress.

"Ha- I- haha -can't- even- hahahahahaahhaa!!!" He laughed, holding his stomach.

'WHY THE HELL DID I EVEN LIKE HIM?!' You mentally screamed.

"Oh, so you were here Aomine-kun. You need to go get changed!" Your mom said, battling her eye lashes.

Aomine shrugged a bit before nodding reluctantly. He smirked at you.

"Nice ass." He commented, before walking towards his room with your mom trailing after him.

You blushed tomato red, your hands automatically covering your cheeks. Your ears were getting warmer and you glared at the tanned guy. Of course he saw your ass when you demonstrated a free fall. Your dress was too short even when you stood up, let alone free fall.

"Pervert." You muttered, before smiling a little.

Aomine's POV

"Try this on." [Name]'s mother said, pushing a western suit into my chest.

"Why this?" I raised an eyebrow, but took it anyway. Just where does she want us to go?

"Go eat out in some big restaurants, visit amusement parks, whatsoever. Just take her out for the whole day." she said, waving her hand here and there.

She then approached me, step by step, eyeing at my shirt.


"Do you want me to dress you up?" She said, smiling evily...

"Uh- no... thank you." I said, trying a bit to be polite. Impressions...

"Oh don't be shy." She smiled, trying to get to my trousers. I quickly backed away to one corner and covered my package, eyes obviously widened.

"... I can dress myself. Alone. Please." I said, half- panicking.

"I can trust you." She laughed heartily. "Here's a book of pick-up lines. Use them today. Girls love pick-up lines." She said, placing a notebook on my bed.

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