Chapter 1

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Erens p.o.v

What I did... I shouldn't off but I did. I'm a monster for doing it. I can't tell anyone, not even him. I need to forget what I did but it's to hard... I'm a monster.

It shouldn't of even been here. I shouldn't of got that Blanket and wrapped it up.

I shouldn't of let it go.. but I did. I now live my life as a monster.
I shouldn't of walked down that street.
In the past I had a lover, Levi. But we split up after a fight, a stupid fight that left me scarred of what my next moves were. He haunts me and I can't say I'm sorry for my words. He won't come back to me, not after what I said. He's probably happy now without, I never told anyone about him, everyone hated him. he's probably happy...but that's okay, I will be soon. I'll promise myself. I haven't even scene him in 13 years since that night.


Day 1


I walk to work every Monday, I go to my normal day coffee shop where I work with my friends Jean and Armin.

"Oh hey eren." Jean spoke as he wiped the counter.

"Hey~" I yawned.

"Not enough sleep?" He asked.

"No I was watching TV all night, stupid Pretty little lairs." I moaned.

"Great show man. anyway when you working till today?"

"Till we close at 5. Wanna see a movie tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah sure eren, pick me up when your done." He walked away.

Jeans cute.


I locked up the store and walked to the carpark a few streets over, it was dark and warm.

I put in my headphones and listened to fall out boy.

"My songs know what you did in the dark~" I sang quietly.

"You always liked that good stuff." I heard someone say. I pulled them out and looked behind me.

There stood Levi.

"Levi oh my god." I gasped.

"Surprised to see me?" He smirked and folded his arms.

"Yeah, it's been 13 years how are you?"

"I'm good it's good to see you again. you doing okay?" He asked.

"Yeah I guess you?"

"I'm good, I got married."

"O-oh really? To who?" I shuttered. he got married..

"Remember Erwin? Yeah him. you dating anyone?"

"Oh yeah. me? Em no I'm still single." I fake laughed.

"Well I'm sure you'll find someone, I'll see you around." he walked past me.

"B-bye." I waved.

Damn he's as cute as i remember.

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