Chapter 8 Morning Battle

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Mia's POV

The next morning......

As I entered the dinning area I throw myself at one of the dinning chairs. I lay my arms on the table and hold my hands to my head to massage my temples. I wasn't able to sleep a brink last night and now my head is aching tremendously. I can't believe what happened yesterday. All along I thought everything was perfect... I never felt betrayed in my whole existence ...Then last night happened and everything changed

After the incident Adrian texted me and said he didn't intentionally do it to hurt me. He admitted that he's been a douche bag for doing that. But he never intended to ruin my plans like making us meet Lucian. He never knew that he was going to be there. That he never set me up. He also told me to think about it thoroughly since Shilo already knew his father. But I was too tired and angry at him to respond. I never felt betrayed in my life. But though anger seethes in my head, he still helped me so I can have Shilo. Of course I was the one who asked him to look for a donor. All these years he has been a good friend and a brother to me. He had done so much for me. Its just that I never thought that the man who shares Shilo's half being is a jerk!

Arggghhh what a headache!

"So.... What's your plan Mia? What are you going to tell Shilo" Carlie glance at me from his shoulder while cooking. I looked at him and he looked at me intently waiting for my response.

Oh my headache throbbed even more. I sighed heavily and looked at him warily. Of course Shilo is a bright child and once he's awake he's going to ask the wereabouts of his father.

" I dont even know what will I say to him. This is a mess." I admitted.

He walk towards me and poured me some coffee. Then looked at me stoically and stayed on his position

"Well if you didn't act that way last night and didn't use your pride to decide then I assure you that you wouldn't be in this situation right now. He commented dryly.

I scowled at him.

"I am not hearing this now from you Carlie! Seriously!" I exclaimed. He shrugged his shoulder and didn't mind my hysteria and just walked back at the cooking area. He faced face me again then he raised his brow at me.

"Why? Do you have any other idea now that he knows his father's identity?"

I bit my tongue back. I dont have a single idea on what to do with this situation. I been rummaging my mind over the past hours but none. I don't have any single idea. He suddenly look past at me and smiled

"Hi baby boy you hungry? Come here I'm making pancakes" He invited Shilo cheerfully like there's nothing wrong. I grunted incoherently and my headache doubled.

Ugh... I havent thought of a solution yet. Seriously Carlie? where's the "Im with you always?"

I glance at Carlie. Carlie pointed Shilo's direction with his mouth. I pursed my lips and practiced a smile before I decided to face my son.

"Hi baby good morning!" I greeted and opened my arms widely so he can hug me that he is happily to oblige. With that few minutes of faking a smile,my jaw already hurts gravely.

Shilo remove himself from my hug then looked at me as if looking for someone else. Well of course who else he's going to look for?

"Mom where is dad?"

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