Where did the Awsome Prussia Got His Awsomeness? [Prussia x FatherReader]

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Where did the Awsome Prussia got his Awsomeness?

(Vati means Dad in German. I think? anyways enjoy!)


It started with an innocent question.

"Gilbert! Gilbert!"Little 6 year old (Y/n) yelled, her dark chocolate locks bouncing as she ran around the hallways of the German Brother's House.

Gilbert raised an eyebrow, for a second there he thought he heard someone yell his name. Prussia or Gilbert shrugged his shoulders, whistling as he continued his way. He let out a startled yelp, when a little body collided on his own but thankfully he manage not to fall. Looking down, Gilbert's red eyes were met with green ones and Gilbert smiled.

"Hi! (Y/n)! Here to see the Awsome me?"Gilbert laughed ruffling (Y/n)'s hair. (Y/n) pouted but her eyes brightened when she remembered the reason why she came in for. (Y/n) bounced on her feet excitedly, peering from her bangs, (Y/n) grinned and tugged on Prussia's hand.

"Yup! And I have a question! Where did you got your awsomeness?!"(Y/n) shouted again, balancing on the balls of her feet with her eyes wide with innocent curiousity. Prussia almost squealed at the cuteness, but stopped himself when he realized how unawsome will that be. Prussia sat down on a chair that magically appeared and brought little (Y/n) on his lap.

"Kesesesese!! Well.."Prussia began. "I got my Awsomeness from my Epic Vati!!"Prussia continued. (Y/n)'s eyes sparkled as she leaned closer. "Eeeeh? Can you tell me how epic he is?!"(Y/n) questioned, curiousity shining in her green orbs.

"Kesesese! You learn pretty quickly (Y/n)! Hmm! His name is (Male Name) (Last Name) and he was the personification of (Country Name)!"Prussia grinned.


"He was the most epic Man and Father on earth. He always took care of me. And always encourage me to go on. Even when my Country was destroyed, he was always there for me."


A (hair color) haired man groaned. His (eye color) eyes glaring intensely at the paperwork in front of him.

"Why do the Most Epic thing on earth needs to sign paperwork?"(Male Name) asked himself, sighing once more before he continued signing his paperwork. The door to his office slammed open, and an albino boy entered the room, with a cute little yellow fluffy chick on his shoulder.

"Vati! Vati! Look at what the awsome me had found!"Prussia screamed pointing at the little chick on his shoulder. (Male Name) raised am eyebrow at his son, but smiled nonetheless. Prussia scurried near his Father's seat and jumped on his lap. Startled, (Male Name) wrapped his lean arms around his son, securing him in place and not letting him fall.

"I'm going to name him Gilbird!"Gilbert screamed, smiling happily as he stared at the the man. (Male name) smiled, kissing the top of Gilbert's silver head. "That's an Epic name Gil!"(Male Name) laughed and Gilbert beamed at him. "Ofcourse Vati! After all, I'm the most awsome boy on earth!"Gilbert grinned and (Male Name) smirked at him. "But I'm more awsomer than you!" He teased. "No I am!!"Gilbert fumed and (Male Name) laughed.


Tears poured down Gilbert's pale cheeks as he opened the door to their house. (Male Name) panicked seeing his Son crying with a bruised knee. "What happened Gil?"(Male Name) asked,
wiping his tears away, and bringing him in to a hug.

Gilbert sniffed, and he struggled at his Father's tight ebmbrace. "I'm alright Vati! And I don't need to tell you what happened, I'm a big boy now!"Gilbert shouted angry tears now exchanging his sad ones. (Male Name) smiled and only hugged him tighter.

"Ofcourse you are Gil. After all, you are the most awsomest son in the world and the child of the most epic man on earth!"(Male Name) laughed, and slowly, a smile slid on Gilbert's face.

He burried his head and (Male Name)'s chest, smiling. "Ich Liebe Dich Vati"Gilbert whispered and (Male Name) smiled. Replying with an 'I Love You Too' in his own language.


"Ooooh! He's so cool! Where is he now?"(Y/n) gasped and leaned even more closer. Gilbert smiled. "Well, before you came in. I was about to visit him"

"Yaaay! Can I come?"(Y/n) jumped out of his lap and tugged him on the hand. Smiling, Gilbert nodded and the two went to where (Male Name) was.

(Y/n)'s eyes widened when they stopped. In front of a grave. "He-he's..."(Y/n) whispered and Gilbert smiled sadly. Patting (Y/n) on the head, Gilbert sat by (Male Name)'s grave. "One day, when I was with him. He told me that he'll leave someday. But I did'nt believe him. And after that, he suddenly dissapeared. And I never saw him again"Gilbert muttered, tears seeping out of his crimson eyes. (Y/n) sniffed, and wrapped her little arms around Gilbert's neck, hugging him.

*On the distance, a lone figure stood. A smile sat on his lips, his (e/c) eyes having a gloomy but had a somewhat happy proud tint on it.

"I'm proud of you, my most awsomest Son. Ich Liebe Dich"


Ich Liebe Dich being I love you in German. Though I'm not really sure...

Just pretend that you have dissapeared because of some important reason! But you're still alive.

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