Preparation (Part 2)

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Hey all, second part!! Woo! I've officially decided that this will be a four part story, the first part, which you have already read, the announcement, this part, which is about when you're pregnant. The third part, when you give birth, and the fourth and final part is set a few years into the future. So hope you enjoy that!!

Oh and sorry my freakin phone deleted half my work, so yeah sorry this is late, oh yeah and this chapter is long, I just had so much to write! Enjoy~


You sighed, smiling in content as you looked around the room. Bill stood beside you, with not a hint of exhaustion, while you were practically panting. He looked down apon you, smirked, then chuckled a little to himself.

"I don't know why we did this so early, your only 2 months in." He smiled, slinging an arm around your shoulder.

"Well, we've gotta be prepared right?" You said, and he nodded. You two had changed the spare room into a room for the baby, the walls were painted a soft blue, a little white cot was placed to the far side of the room, and little stars hung from the roof. There were shelves on the walls, and a closet lining one wall.

Though it didn't seem like much work, it had surely taken its toll. Is wasn't really the physical work but you were exhausted, this pregnancy stuff was hard. Morning sickness, cravings and headaches. Your belly had grown too, and was now noticeable, and your breasts were getting bigger too, (much to Bills pleasure)

Despite the fact that you had to go to the bathroom every ten minutes, it wasn't all that bad. Bill had helped in every way possible, even when you insisted he not. He cleaned you up after some bad morning sickness, cooked every breakfast, lunch and dinner, calms you down when your stressed and holds you at night, rubbing circles in your back until you fall asleep.

You felt really excited, like a tingling sensation spreading through your body, this was great. Maybe a baby would bring you and Bill closer together, as a family. You smiled a the thought, Bill was going to be an awesome dad, you could tell.

"The others will be here soon," You said eyeing a clock in the hallway, "I should go make tea."

"Oh no you don't, go have a sleep (Y/N), you're too tired, I'll get started on dinner. I'll come and get you when they arrive Kay?" You smiled weakly and hugged Bill lightly as he kissed your forehead. You made your way to your bedroom, took your shoes off and laid down on your bed, falling asleep in minutes.


You stirred to the sound of a light knock on your door. Groaning you shut your eyes tightly, feeling pressure on the end of the bed, before a hand stroked a piece of hair from your face and a figure lean over you and kiss your temple lightly.

"(Y/N)" You fluttered your eyes open, Bill was leaning over you. "Hey," He whispered. You smiled slightly, leaning up to connect his lips to yours.

"Hey," You said, sitting up in bed using your elbows for support, "Are they here?"

"Yeah, and dinners about 10 minutes away." Bill grinned.

"Alright," You said, pulling the covers off yourself, and beginning to brush your hair. "I'll be down in a minute."


"So how's the old pregnancy business working for ya?" Mabel asked, grinning widely, before leaning back onto Robbie's shoulder.

"I'm not really sure how you did it Mabel, it's tuff." You sighed, letting a small chuckle escape from your lips.

"Is all worth it in the end though." Robbie chuckled,

"Yeah," Dipper sat down beside you, along with Pacifica.

"Hey Dippingsauce, how's its going?" You laughed at the tired expression on his face.

"Not well, twins are great and all, but not when you're the parents!"


"Vala!" Bill said, placing a large dish in front of you, one plate filled with fruit salad, another with pancakes and maple syrup and a hot chocolate. You smiled brightly,

"This is why I love you." You said happily, grabbing a knife and fork and starting to eat your pancakes.

Bill laughed slightly, "I thought we could say grace, but nevermind." He took a seat beside you, taking a sip of his coffee and looking at you in amazement. It was funny to see how someone so small, could eat so much in so little time. "Really Y/N I never thought cravings were this bad."

You looked up, mouth dripping with maple syrup, you smiled, mouth full.

"Y/N!" Bill laughed, dramatically holding his hands over his eyes. You swallowed your food quickly.

"What!" You giggled, as Bill continued to laugh his head off. "Don't like it?"


"What did the doctor say?" Bill asked looking up from his paper, as you walked through the door.

"Everything's fine, the baby seems healthy, uhh, he told me to pick up some books to read, but apart from that not much." You said, as Bill hummed, chucked his paper down and motioned for you. You sat down next to him, as he put an arm around you and kissed your forehead gently.

You ran your fingers over your stomach and felt as the baby kicked, you giggled lightly and shut your eyes, leaning back into Bill.

"7 months went quick didn't it?" You whispered, "Only a month and a half to go."

"Haha yeah," Bill laughed, "I can't wait to hold our little he or she."

You giggled, "So you've warmed up to the idea of a baby then? Because when I first met you, you wanted nothing to do with them and I right?"

"That was a long time ago!" He said, stiffening a little. You laughed loudly and faced Bill.

"Bill," You whispered,


"We are going to be the best parents ever, don't worry." Bill smiled

"I know."


Okay, that was a little shorter than I'd hoped. But still, that breakfast scene was really fun to write, so it's a win, win yeah? Also!! PLEASE LEAVE REQUESTS!! I'll do them once I finish this little one shot. Anyway, 10 days until Tale Of Two Stans!! Woo! (I'm so excited.)

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