Chapter 2 - "Does it have herpes?"

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Savanah's P.O.V

"Girl, I think he liked you," My best friend Nina told me elbowing me lightly in the ribs, while we were taking our nerdy outfits off. 

"Nina what would that arrogant jock see in me? I bet he just see's me as any other nerd."

"Then why was he talking to you in the first place? You know it can knock their popularity instantly. He probaly can't resist those big 'Ol eyes of yours."

I laughed, "You sure do know how to make someone laugh! Have you seen my eyes? There disfunctional, plus the only reason he talked to me today was because he didnt know who is was..remember we were wearing nerdy outfits, he's so stupid he probably thought i was some other savannah, Plus we hate each other! do you see how bad we fight sometimes? He gets on my nerves, and he didnt recognize us... we were wearing nerdy clothes nina"

"They are not disfunctional. Okay, sometimes there hazel and the next green, but thats what makes them fun! Just because he didnt recognized you in that outfit, doesnt mean he didnt like you" She said wiggling her very sujestive eyebrows at me.

I laughed again and patted her on the back, " You really should be a comedian, you're delusional, remember ever since he embarrased me in front of the whole school my freshman year, we've been enemies? yeah well that hasn't stopped.Now come on we got to hurry."

She sighed in defeat, "Fine. Have I mentioned I hate school?"

"Yes like a million times but thats why you have me, your best friend, to keep you alive and awake."

"Now my dear best friend thats where your wrong I only for asleep in like four of my classes. I think im improving." She stated walking proudly down the hall.

I hit her, "Nina! You have five classes all together and that doesn't include homeroom!"

She laughed at me, "It counts for me. I better get going, I'll see you at lunch. Goodbye my dear bestfriend." She gave me a kiss on the cheek and then she headed off around the corner.

"Bye Nina! Don't fall asleep you doffus!" I yelled.

"No promises Savanna-Anne!" She shouted back using my full name, ugh she knows i hate it, which is why she always calls me by my full name, just to piss me off. 

This is why I love Nina she can always make me laugh and shes always so hyper. We have known eachother since we were in peewee soccer and became best friends instantly.She's always been there for me and I have always been there for her.I dont know whats going to happen when we go to college and quite frankley im scared, its not like I don't have other friends. I do. Nina's just my best friend. It would be weird with out her.

Omph! I walked into something hard and i went stumbling to the floor.

"Watch where your going you jerk!" I blurted out when I saw who it was.

"Oh My god. Its you." The person said looking down at me with a stupid grin on their face.

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