Something I always wanted to tell you (Wally and Artemis Story)

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Artemis was still hugging him since he came home she did not want to let him go

he could understand that comply he loves her hugging him and everything that she

does he just smiled and let her hug him all she wants but he wanted to do

something with her

“Babe?” Wally asks her

Artemis looks at him

“Yeah?” Artemis says back to him

Wally smiles at her

“Lets go to Paris” Wally says to her with a smile on his face

Artemis smiles at him remembering he said he wanted to go there after everything was over

“Lets go then!” Artemis says to him

Wally smiled at her and kissed her lightly on the lips

“You rock babe” Wally says to her

Artemis smiled and laughed a little

“Your sweet” Artemis says to him kissing his cheek

~A couple of hours after they get to Pairs~

Artemis looks around it was breathtaking and so romantic they where hand in

hand nothing can go wrong anymore only better and it did….

He planed a very romantic date dinner and everything she was not sure what is

really for but she loves him and he loves her, she was so so over joyed to have

Wally back with her and in Paris, Paris the city of lights

Artemis goes over to him and kissed him slowly on the lips

"seems like you really missed me Babe" Wally says to her at the same time kissing her back

"Mhhmm" Artemis still kisses him 

"Babe can i ask you something?" Wally asks her

Artemis kisses him once more and then stops and looks at him

"You can ask me anything" Artemis says to him

Wally looked at her and he kisses her on the cheek and he takes a deep breath

"Artemis the first time i met you as the best life in my life i should have done this before you left for your undercover mission " Wally says to her taking an other

deep breath and right there and then under the moon light he gets down on one

knee and he takes out a little box and he opens it and it had a beautiful diamond

ring in side it Wally smiles and looks up at her

"Artemis Will you Marry me?"

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