1. One Night Stand

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Caleb King was the most popular boy in school. He was head of the football team so of course his girlfriend was cheer captain.

He was having a party tonight. Catherine, Jessica and I were Definitely going.

"What should I wear?" Jessica asked me and Catherine. We were laying on Jessie's bed while she went through her closet throwing clothes in every different direction.

"Just wear high waisted shorts and a crop top like us." I suggested while scrolling on my phone. A 'ding' went off indicating that I had a text message.
It was a mass text message going around for everyone that goes to our school.


I chuckled.
"Did you guys get the mass message?"

"Yeah" Catherine and Jessie said at the same time.

"Your hunk of a crush is having a party and where invited, I bet your going crazy inside." Jessie winked at me.

"I am not!" I yelled while smiling widely. Okay yes I liked Caleb. He was so handsome, and he had the deepest sexy voice. I didn't like him just because of his stupid status in school. He was a big bad asshole but I actually watched him in class sometimes. Not stalker-ish or anything but I noticed every time one of our teachers called on him to answer a question he always got it right.

He was smart and ambitious. He was like a one of kind, kind of guy.
"Your a liar Lyssa!" Catherine stuck out her tongue at me.
"You like the hottie and you know it!"

I giggled and hit her with my flip flop.


Later that night I felt the jitters in my stomach. Jessie, Catherine and I were so excited when we arrived at Calebs huge house. It was already tons of people in the mini mansion and crowds of people outside of the mansion.

"hellllll yeaaaahhhhh" Jessica screamed as we parked. "Look at that!" She screamed while pointing at the mansion. "Now that's a party!"

"it is isn't it?" I agreed with her while smiling.

We parked on the side of the street and exited the car. We gave each other a once over making sure we looked good.

As we walked together out in the cool night air I looked over at Catherine who was frantically typing on her phone.

"Is David gonna be here?" I asked her. David was her ex boyfriend. He cheated on her, got caught and now wants her back. She doesn't want anything to do with him but he continues to send thousands of texts and phone calls a day.

"I hope not." She frowned. "I need a good night tonight if he comes it'll be ruined."

I felt her pain and understood her. "Well I doubt if we see him with as much people that are in there."
I looked over at the mansion that we were nearing and the music was blasting, people were throwing beer cans on the lawn it was chaos.

We walked towards the front door and i jumped back just as a guy was running out of the house. He was doubled over the steps puking in the grass.

"Ewwwwww" we all said at the same time.

We entered the bright house and was quickly met by the stench of something stinky. Probably because of everyone dry humping each other instead of dancing, puke everywhere and just nastiness.

"I need a drink to deal with this!" Jessie screamed.

I smiled and followed after her. "I agree!"

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