Lesbian dirty imagines

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So you just got home and your having a slumber party with ur BFF.

I popped in the disc and went to the bed and sat down. Ariana came and said," hey u mind if I change in here" "what not at all", I replied. She starts takin her clothes off. Her stomach is soo tan and her legs, I was getting wetter by the second, until I couldn't hold it in anymore.n

I jumped up and grabbed her arm and turned her around and kissed her with passion, soon the kiss got more heated. She pushed me on the bed and got on top of me and took of my clothes just leaving my thong on. She stared at me hungrily. She slowly started to pull off my thong she quickly flicked it on the floor. She spread my legs apart and started to kiss up my thighs until she got to my pussy.

"Do I make you wet baby", she asked I quickly moaned a response. She slowly bent down and started swirling her tongue in and out of me. Ughhhhhhhh it was driving me crazy. I grasped her hair and pushed her into me even more. I let out a few moans as she started pumping all five fingers in me. "I'm clos--s", I stuttered. Right before I reached an orgasm she stopped pumping just to tease me. "NOOOO don't stop", I begged " then scream for me baby"' she said as she started pumping her fingers harder and faster "OH MY GOD ARIANA", I moaned. I finally reached my climax and spilled all of her fingers. She delightfully cleaned me all up.

Now it was my turn. I grabbed her and forced her under me and I pulled off her panties. I Bent down and swirled my tongue in her opening. She let out a quiet moan. I pushed two fingers in her nice and slowly, just to tease her. I pulled my fingers out an walked over to my bathroom and I came back with a sex toy. She looked at me with lust. I rubbed her clit as I inserted the dick in her. At first I went slow and ten I picked up speed. I went harder and faster then ever. "STOP OH MY GOD SALY, UGHHHH U FUKIN BITCH FUK ME MORE', she yelled. I love it when she tells and right before she reached the best orgasm ever I stopped just like she did to me. She moaned and sat up and stared at me with lust and anger. "UGHHHH why did u stop", she pleaded "cause u did the same thing to me" she quickly plunged the fake dick in me and thruster harder and harder with speed. I exploded all over her again. Now I picked up the dick and pushed it inside of her. She let out grunts and moans. I Went faster and faster until she spilled all if me. I slowly licked her clean. I layer down next to her. "BEST SLUMBER PARTY EVER", she yelled.


Hey guys this was my first imagine and I hope you liked it. And if u guys want ur names to be in here please just leave ur name down below and tell me I u want a lesbian imagine or a straight one or maybe even a threesome.