June 12th 2015

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Jack And Rose

My dreams have come fucking true I said to my friend Olivia as we walked into school. Ha so have mine now we have a chance with him Olivia said as we then heard him. Jack Glinsky. In our school. As I turned around and there he was at the end of the hallway. He looked sad but he knew we were all there for him. He walked up to me and when my heart stopped he said hey do you know where all the fun is? After that he pulled the back of my shirt and into the janitors closet. What are we doing here? I asked and he said having fun. My heart stopped as he slowly took off his shirt. He said softly Wanna Join? I almost wanted to scream out yes but my gut was telling me no. I got a condom he said humorously. I said only this once. As he slowly kissed my neck and took my shirt off of me along with my pants. I wanted to cry but I couldn't. He pushed me up against the wall and went on.

The Next Day

How was Jack Olivia asked. Fine I guess. Fine?! What the fuck I would love to be you right now! I asked why and then she stared at me like I had two heads. You are dating him! You are all he ever blogs about and now I'm his Instagram bio it says taken obviously he means you! My heart almost stopped as soon as I heard that. Right after that he was behind me and surprised me with a hug and a stuffed bear. He said he was gonna give it to Madison but she had said that she hates bears even tho that's all she ever talks about. So after that he broke up with her and he came back to his home town and had met me. He said I wasn't an ordinary human. He said I was his and no one else could have me. At that moment I felt like I could be someone. Not just a person who no
One likes but someone.

Later that day

School had just let out and he sat next to me on the bus. He told me to come to his house so I did. Let's just say we had fun XD. That day I was someone. I was Jack Glinskys Someone. I wasn't just a person I was someone special to him.

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