Ray And Roc Threesome Imagine For Kay :) ( @Kaykaylovesrayray )

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"Kay! Truth Or Dare? " Your Bestfriend , Prodigy Asked You . You Invited About 10 Of Your Friends Over For A Small Party . There Were Four Boys , And Seven Girls . You All Decided To Play Truth Or Dare . You Hesitated Before Making Your Choice.

"Dare :)" You Replied.

"Clean, Make It Nasty, Or Chicken?" Prod Smirked At You. You Smirked Back. You Knew He Had Some Freaky Idea. And By The Way He Looked Back And Forth Between Ray, And Roc, You Knew It Involved Them.

You Liked Both Ray And Roc. They Were Both Really Sexy. You Never Told Them Though. You'd Think They Would Be Weirded Out Because They Were Your Bestfriends Step-Brothers . And Plus, You Didn't Want Them To Think You Were A Hoe. So You Just Kept Quiet.

"Hmm .. Make It Nasty" You Challenged. Everyone Cheered, And Clapped, Getting Excited Because Prod Always Had The Best Dares .

"Okay .." He Smirked " I Dare You To Pick TWO Boys To Go Upstairs With, And Let Them Do ANYTHING They Want With You. "

" Okay. For How Long? " You Asked Shrugging.

"However Long They Want. We'll Continue The Game Without You" He Said Adjusting The Way He Sat.

"Ohh Lawd. Umm .. I Piiickkk ..." You Looked At All The Boys As If You Didn't Already Know Who You Was Gonna Pick. "Roc Aaannnd .... Ray" You Stood Up With Them, And Walked Upstairs To Your Room. You Saw The Two Smile At Each Other Out The Corner Of Your Eye. You Blushed, And Closed Your Room Door Behind Y'all . You Sat On The Bed, And Looked At The Two.

"So ... What Are Y'all Gonna Do? " You Asked Pretending To Be More Interested In Your Nails.

"You Can Stop Acting Now. " Ray Chuckled.

I Looked Up At Him. "W-What Do You Mean? "

"We Know You Like Us Both. You're Not Good At Hiding The Little 'Glances' You Make At Our ... " Roc Said Clearing His Throat. You Blushed.

"What Are Y'all Gonna Do To Me?" You Asked .

"Hm .. You Have A Headscarf? " Ray Asked, Evily Grinning At You.

" Uhh. Yeah. On My Dresser. " You Raised Your Brow At Him. Roc Walked And Got The Scarf While Rat .. I Mean Ray ( LMFAO ! XD ) Grabbed Your Hand, Standing You Up. He Walked Around You Looking You Up And Down. He Bit His Lip. Roc Came Up To You And Tied The Scarf On Your Wrist Fairly Tight.

"Good Girl" Roc Spoke Softly.

"Is That A Challenge?" You Asked.

Ray Walked Closer To You " Only If You Want It To Be " He Breathed Against Your Neck. Your Breathing Sped Up, And You Could Feel Yourself Getting Wet. Ray Started Kissing Your Neck, While Roc Took Off His Shirt. You Felt Ray Poking ,And Swirling With His Toung . You Let Out A Small Moan . Roc Took Your Hair Out Of It's High Ponytail. He Smashed His Lips Against Yours. His Hands Were On Your Waist, Fiddling With The Waistband Of Your Shorts. Roc Licked Your Bottom Lip, Verbally Asking For Entrance . Just As You Opened Your Mouth, Ray Found Your Spot. You Moaned In Roc's Mouth. He Smiled Through Your Kiss, And Pulled Away The Same Time As Ray. Ray Pushed You On The Bed, And Took His Shirt Off. Roc Slid Your Tank Top Over Your Head Since Your Hand Were Still Tied. He Undid Your Bra, And Took It Off. Ray Climed On Your Bed, And Started Sucking on Your Nipples While Roc Removed Your Shorts, And Underwear. Seconds After Roc Threw Your Panties To The Floor, You Felt Him Breathing On Your Cl*t.

"Uhh. Fuck, Roc. Stahhpp! " You Moaned. He Was Teasing You, And You Didn't Like It. You Felt Him Chuckle , Then His Warm Toungh Glided Across Your Cl*t . You moaned A Little Louder Than You Wanted To. Ray Licked Your Stomach In A Zig Zag ,Making You Moan And Giggle At The Same Time. It Tickled :) He Took His Pants Off, And Roc Stood Up. You Got On Your Knees, With Your Legs Open, So Roc Could Finish What He Was Doing. Ray Stood In Front Of You, While Roc Layed Under You. [ A/N Y'all Know What Im Talkin About Right? Kay.] You Licked Ray's "Manhood" And Moaned On It A Little, Making Him Groan.

"Shit , Kay! "

You Smiled, And Moaned Loud Because Roc's Toungh Was Making You Feel Some Type Of Way . You Put The Tip In Your Mouth, Poking It With Your Toungh. Then, You Pushed It As Far As It Would Go Down Your Throat, Until You Couldn't Breath.

"Uhhh! Damn! How Many Times Have You Done This" Ray Asked .

"Oh My Gaawwwddd, Roc Baby Don't Stop! Im C*mming! " You Half Screamed. Roc Went Faster, Pushing In Two Fingers, And Moving Them Fast. You Moaned With Ray Still In Your Mouth.

"Uhh . Kay, Imma Bust" Ray Grunted. Right After That Was Said, Roc Hit Your Spot, And Intantly Made You C*m . You Moaned Loudly As He Finished Cleaning You Up.

"Oh My Gawd Roc !" You Squeeled As He Picked You Up And Threw You On The Bed. You Giggled And Bit Your Lip.

Ray Pulled You To The Edge Of The Bed, And Positioned Your Legs The Way He Wanted Them. He Positioned Himself Between Your Legs.

"You A Virgin , Kay ?" Ray Asked Before Entering.

You Shook Your Head Quickly. "No , Just Go" You Said.

"But, We Don't Have Any Condoms.." Ray Stressed.

"Its Okay, Im On The Pill Ray."

Ray Nodded, And Entered You Slowly At First, Then Ramming In And Out Of You While Roc Kissed On Your Neck, And Fiddled With Your Nippl*s . The Feeling They Brought You Overpowered Your Body, Making You Shake In Pleasure . You Could Hear Ray Grunting Loudly Over The Sound Of The Headboard Hitting The Wall.

"Shit, Kay! You Feel So Good" He Managed.

You Didn't Respond, You Just Told Him To Go Deeper. He Did As Told. He Kept Hitting This One Spot That Drove You Crazy. You Could Feel The Orga*m Building Up. You Screamed Ray's Name So Loud, You're Pretty Sure Everyone Heard You Downstairs. Ray Smiled, And Put His Head Back With His Eyes Closed.

"Ray! Its C*mming! " You Screamed.

Ray Pounded Harder, And Harder Until Your Juices Ejected Out With Mad Distance . That Never Happened Before.

"DAMNN! " Ray And Roc Said While You Were Catching Your Breath.

"What? " You Asked Breathing Hard.

"You Aint Tell Us You Was A Squirter !" Roc Exclaimed.

"Is That Bad? " You Asked.

"Fuck No! That's Sexy As Hell! " Ray Half Yelled.

"My Turn! " Roc Wasted No Time Pushing Himself Deep Inside Of You. You Yelped Out In Pleasure As He Hit From Different Angles Looking For Your Spot. When He Hit It, You Screamed His Name.

"Roc Baby Right There!" Roc Grunted, And Kept Hitting That Spot, Once Again Making You Feel The Orga*m Build Up Inside Of You. You Screamed Louder This Time, And Gripped The Sheets.

"Fuck! Its C*mming! " You Squeeled. You Found Yourself Trying To Back Away, But Roc Pulled You Back.

"Don't Run, Kay. Take It!" He Grunted. Ray Was Running His Hands Through Your Hair, And Kissing You Everywhere. A Few Seconds Later, You Squirted All Over Roc's Chest.

"Fuck, Kay! That's Fuckin Amazing! " Roc Said Pulling Out.

You Smiled Lightly, And Sat Up. You Pushed Roc On The Bed, And Licked All Your Juices Off His Chest, While Ray Cleaned You Up With His Long Ass Toungh . After That, Y'all Layed Down. With You In The Middle, And Roc And Ray On Each Side Of You. Y'all Fell Asleep Like That.


That Was Nasty :3 Can Y'all Guess Who This Is ?? Its Kayla ! Suprised ? Lmao! Yeah ... I Had Alot Of Fun With This One Thoo! Hope Kay Liked It! This One I Think Is Nastier Than My Other Ones :) And Chrissy's! And That Girl Is NASTY! But Yes ... OH! And Don't Hate Me .. But .. We're Not Accepting Requests In The Comments. So If You Asked For An Imagine In The Comments, You Might Wanna Hit Up Our Inbox. Its Easier To Keep Up With The Ones In The Inbox. Kay? Kay. Bye!

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