Chapter 4 - Scary movies? - NO!

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Chapter 4

Scary movies? – NO!

Justin’s POV

I gently grabbed her face with my hands and came closer to her. Then I simply pressed my lips on hers and kissed her passionately. First she didn’t know what she should do, but then she decided to kiss me back. I was really glad about that, because she just could have slapped me in the face, thank God I’m sexy and she wanted to kiss me too. I opened my mouth, touching her lower lip with my tongue, begging for entrance, but nothing happened. Then she suddenly stopped kissing me and pushed me away. “Justin! I have a boyfriend!” she cried. “But…” I started, but she interrupted me. “Not but! I shouldn’t have done this! I’m sorry, but…can you go now?” “Of course” I said disappointedly and looked down to the ground, making the puppy face. “Fine, stay, but please, never ever tell anybody about that!” she snapped, throwing her hands up in the air. She looked really sexy when she’s upset. I should definitely do it again. Yep, definitely. Right now.

I grabbed her hips, and before she could say something against that, I pressed my lips again on hers, this time with even more passion that the minute before. It felt different than all the other times I did that, with the, I have to admit, sluts. It felt special. My stomach felt suddenly odd. We broke apart, catching some air, both heavy breathing, but we both smiled. “You’re a good kisser” I commented, before I grinned. She looked at me, her hazel eyes were shining, and a big smile appeared on her face. That’s the truth, I’m still attractive, without the woman knowing who I am. And I guess I can win the bet, but suddenly I wasn’t sure anymore if it’s just the bet, or if I really liked her. Like her? After three days knowing her? No way, I thought.

“Let’s watch a movie” I suggested. “But a romantic one, if you know what I mean” I said and winked at her. She punched me and grinned. “No! I hate romantic movies. I don’t even have one. Let’s watch a horror film” she said and sat down on the couch. “Noooooo” I pouted. I was scared of horror movies, but nobody knows that. Once I watched Paranormal Activity with Ryan, Chaz and Sarah, after that I couldn’t sleep anymore, and…I cried. I hope she don’t want to watch such a thrilling one. I’d literally would hide behind something and die. Usually the guy protects the girl, but I think this time it will be the other way around.  Nervously I chewed my fingernails, so badly that it already hurts. Why do we have to watch such a movie? I was hoping for a romantic one, making out during watching and things. But no, she had to choose the scariest one, just to torture me. The only positive thing was, that she was curled up next to me, her head resting on my shoulder, staring to the TV. I had my hand on her waist, just to show that I’m here for her in the case she is in fear. But she wasn’t, I was.

When the movie finally came to its end, I stood up, stretching all my body parts out and yawned. I pulled out my phone and had like 1000 new texts. All from  Ryan, Chaz and Sarah.


Man, where are you so long? It’s 11 p.m.!

No way, it was already 11? Gosh the time flew by fast. Too fast. I would prefer staying with her all the time, but I still had to do my job. I thought about the appointments I had tomorrow and sighed. I couldn’t spend the day with her, but maybe I could stay for the night. I read another text on my phone.

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