Chapter 1 "A pleasant surprise"

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I don't have any idea how long this story will end up being, but hopefully everything goes well after I submit a few chapters. Hope you guys like the first chapter :) Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

When Alexandra and Sam first found out that they were going to live with each other, it was a complete surprise. His parents had gone broke and were giving him up for his own good.

They had known each other since the first day of grade school, and have been inseparable since. Alex sat on her white chair infront of her makeup mirror fixing her long black  hair which was rescently died from her natural dirty blonde. She analysed her face incase there were any specs of the lunch she had just eaten. Her dark  green eyes sparkled when she Sam through the mirror, walking into her room.

The two friends had just found out what the new arrangements were and even though it was kind of unfortunate, they were happy to be living together.

Alex watched as her best friend walked in with his natural black hair swaying with every step. 'That boy needs a haircut' she thought to herself, evnen though she loved his swoopy/emo hairstyle. Sam sat down right next to her and smiled before giving her a tight hug. When he pulled apart, she couldn't help but to stare into those blue eyes that she loved so much.

After unpacking some of his necesities they started changing up the room to have more space which wasn't really needed, seeing as the room was already huge. Alex was rich but she was never spoiled. She valued the life she had.

Sam had just finished setting up his easle, canvas, and paintbrushes next to her guitar before walking towards the loveseat that Alex was now sitting on. He took a seat himself before letting out a sigh and putting his feet up on the cofee table.

“Were going to have so much fun; we've been best friends since the first day we've met," said Alex.

Sam responded, "Yeah, it also helps that we have a lot in common." and they did. Sam is a painter and Alex is a musician. They started classes together in school and spent their time doing both things together. Alex would play her guitare and sing as Sam would paint, what would seem random at first, but would always turn out beautiful. You could say these two worked together perfectly.

Alex has one sibling which is her super genius, super annoying brother, Justin. He is only 13, but has skipped a grade and basicalyly knows everything when it comes to logic. He is always quiet, but he loves his family and annoys the living hell out of his sister just like any other kid.

Alex's parents are both superstars in the sports leagues, that's right, her mother is so good that she is on the mens team and gets full pay, so they are barely at home and spend most of their days at the gym. They didn’t have to worry about their kids though because Alex is sixteen, and Justin is smart enough not to talk to strangers. Sam has one younger brother, Max, which is living with a different family. 

While talking to Alex, Sam said, "You know Alex, it's going to be hard to live with you."

She quickly responded, "Why? I thought I was your friend!" She sounded disappointed. Alex always liked Sam more than a friend, and since high school started her feelings for him were getting a lot stronger.

"Of course you are! It’s just...well.....nothing"

If Alex was one thing, it was curious. No matter what the situation was, she always had to know every detail about it. "No, you're my best friend so you have to tell me" She felt a tug at her heart. What if he didn't want to be her friend anymore?

Sam gave a sigh of defeat, there was no point of lying to Sam. He was scared if what he was about to tell her, would make them drift apart "well...I like you way more than a friend and...well…way more then a friend and we... we both know that you only like me as a friend." Sam replied.He looked down, he really was as cluless as Alex was about this. But you know what they say, "Two people secretly in love which eachother, are always the last to find out that the other loves them back" ok, maybe that's not a saying but you know what I mean.

Alex had always been bold so she decided to just blurt it out while she had the urge to "I love you Sam!" she exclaimed.

There was no time for her to regret that she had just said it because before she had a chance to blink, Sam had pulled her into himself and kissed her lightly before saying;

"I love you too, Alex."

He was overjoyed! They were both overjoyed! They then kissed for almost ten minutes straight, keeping things on the light side so they could quickly stop if someone walked in.

"Alex, I have loved you for a long time and want to be with you, but what should we do?" Sam asked her. They had temporarily forgotten about the new whole "Sam is now living with his best friend Alex" arengements.

Alex hadn't thought this through but answered Sam's question, qiuckly.  "We have to keep this from my parents or they might want to find you a different place to live." She really didn't want that.

Sam sighed, "You're right, we can just act like nothing is going on" Alex looked down in sadness "But, I want to make this work so I'm willling to give it a go" hearing that made Alex smirk at Sam.

 "Perfect, they are barely home, and when they are they are glued to each other, so it should be easy." They were both excited over their budding relationship.

Alex pulled Sam in to kiss her again after telling him the plan, she had forgotten that the door was still open.

They suddenly heard an "Ahem" behind them and quickly snapped their heads at the direction. 

"You guys won’t be able to keep it from mom and dad!!" Justin told them. Both Alex and Sam had a pained, shocked expression on their faces which Justin picked up on. "But just to be nice, I'll have to see if you guys deserve me keeping this a secret!  

Justin smirked lightly with pure evillness and slowly left the room, while closing the door behind him, which made a light "thud" noise, leaving Alex and Sam behind with the same expressions, wondering what he had meant by "I'll have to see if you guys deserve me keeping this a secret!"   


I know it's short and alot happened but I'm going to tell you guys one thing, this isn't going to be the main part of the story. Keep reading and vote, comment, or become a fan if you liked it :)!

btw, any grammar mistakes were made by me since I changed some things around after Teen42 edited it since I wanted to make the flow differently.

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