chapter 56

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Chelsey's POV

i ran up the driveway to their front door and put in the code that gavi told me

1324, very dumb for a house of known footballers

"your favorite person ever is here!" pablo yelled, walking in right after me

"CHELSEY?" ferran yelled back

"okay that's gotta hurt" i said, turning to face pablo

he put his hands on his chest and acted like he just got punched in the heart

we all settled in, i left my bags in their car

"where's gavi?" i asked pedri, who was sitting on the carpet leaning on the couch

"he's up in his room" he told me

"okay well that's where i'll be"

i said hi before making my way up to his room

i got up the stairs and walked down the hallway and made it to gavi's door

i knocked, "gavviiiii????"

"come in!" he yelled out

"oh fifa cool bet u suck" i said to him, who was sitting on the edge of the bed next to ansu playing on his tv

"actually, i'm winning" gavi said

"bullshit" ansu added

"who's winning"

"me" they both said at the same time

until ansu started cheering after he score, showing that he was the team that was in the lead

"still winning gavi?" ansu asked

"shut up"


as they were playing i sat on his bed on my phone, i heard and saw them slap each other here and there but chose to ignore it

"HAHA BEAT YOU!!!" ansu yelled

"get out of my room right now" gavi said, turning the tv off

"enjoy ur loss" ansu said, backing out of his room and closing the door

"you're hot when your mad" i told him, as he took his shirt off and went into his closet

he came back out still shirtless, as his abs caught my eyes

he put his hoodie on and sat on the bed next to me, "i missed you" he said, laying his head on me as he watched me online shop on my phone

"are you like always shopping?" he asked, not raising his head from my shoulder but looking up at me

"yeah pretty much" he laughed "should i get this?" i had this Louis Vuitton small purse on my screen

"hold on i'll be right back"

"good answer"

he got off the bed and went into his dressed and took something out

he came back on the bed next to me and took my phone, "what are you doing?" i asked

"buying it for you"

"no you're not" i said, trying to grab my phone back

"too late, it'll be here on monday"

"i hate you"

"those are some mean words to someone who just brought you a Louis Vuitton bag"

i laughed, "i guess i take it back then"

he got off the bed and came around, grabbing my hand

"huh" i was confused

"i'm bringing you somewhere"


"you'll see"

he brought me downstairs to where all the boys were, "we'll be back" gavi said

"yup!" i yelled out, walking out the door

we got in the car and i connected my phone, cause if he gets to pick the destination i get to pick the music

"can you tell me where we're going now" i said, as i was typing Getaway Car - Taylor Swift on my apple music

"now that i see you use apple music, it will stay a surprise"

"what's wrong with apple music?"

"my team sponsors spotify"

"well there's too many ads for me"

"i can get you free premium" he said, looking over to me as he was still driving

"keep your eyes on the road buddy"

"it's kinda hard when i have the prettiest girl sitting next to me"

"fair enough" i laughed, "so what about that spotify premium?"

"i'll get you it later"



we arrived to the destination and it was the city part of barcelona

"i love being here" i said

"i know" he winked, getting out of the car first


"i stalked your insta"

"oh so both pablo's are stalkers?"

"i taught him"

i laughed and also got out of the car

he locked it and we walked around for a bit, just trying to find a good spot

"you hungry?" he asked

"just a bit"

"i have a place here that's really good if you wanna go"

"let's walk around first, i'm not super hungry yet"

"okay chels"



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happy place ❤️💙


@pablogavi my happy place with my happy person

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@masonmount dope picture
           ^^^@chelsey taylor actually stop

@ansufati so that's where u guys went
           ^^^@alejandrobalde yea and we're on      
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           ^^^@chelseytaylor no ur not
           ^^^@pablotorre yea we actually all are
           ^^^@chelseytaylor the whole house?
           ^^^@pedri yup the whole gang


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