Erotica: The Cruise Brothers And I

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I waited nervously for my two best friends, Jack and Josh Cruise, at the arrivals area in the airport. They have been my best friends since I can remember and they are both twins.

The only thing that differentiates the two of them is their eye color. Jack has blue eyes, like his mom, whereas Josh had green eyes, like his dad. 

It helps a lot because apart from their eye color, they are pretty much identical. 

I missed the troublesome pair so much! I haven't seen them for about 6 months, since they left on their business trip. They both own their father's businesses and have to travel the world a lot, much to my disappointment. 

But it's my birthday today and they promised they would be back home. So here I am, waiting for the twins in the airport. 

I live in Miami, so the weather was warm and sunny, thank God. I was wearing some denim short shorts and a camisole to hopefully catch a tan. My long black fair was wrapped up in a tight ponytail and my grey-blue eyes were covered with my Ray Bans. 

I saw the gates open and out came the two sexiest men alive; The Cruise brothers. Their light brown hair was shining in the sun and their eyes scanned the airport. When I walked towards them, their eyes snapped to me and I instantly grinned. They both smirked and their eyes shimmered. 

"You guys! God, I've missed you two so much." I said as I hugged them both. I kissed Josh then Jack on the cheeks and stepped back to examine them. 

Jack was wearing a blue Ralph Lauren shirt with some khaki shorts. His muscular chest was almost straining against his shirt and his muscular arms were on show. 

Josh was wearing similar clothes to Jack but instead of a blue polo shirt, it was white. 

To top it all off, they looked hot with a capital H. 

"We missed you too Ana." Jack said with a smile. "Very much, Miss. Flair." Josh winked, making me blush. 

"Well, let's get going. You need to tell me everything that happened on the  trip." I said and linked my arms with their's as I led them out of the airport. When we drove back, the boys told me about their successful trip and all the other dramas and we just laughed all the way home. 

I pulled up next to my house and we made our way to the door. The guys grabbed their bags (I don't know how, but they only have one bag each! Men...) and followed me. 

"Welcome to chez moi!" I said as I turned around and flew my arms in the air with a big grin. They both chuckled in their sexy, deep voices which made me shiver. 

"Merci mademoiselle Flair." (Thank you Miss. Flair) Josh said in French. Oh yeah, they're both fluent in French and Spanish, which is so fucking sexy. 

"Don't be bringing your French ass in my house mister." I narrowed my eyes and tried to glare at him but a smile still appeared on my lips. 

"Oh, you look sexy when you're angry Miss. Flair." They know I hate it when they use my surname, it makes me feel older. 

"Don't sweet mouth me Mr. Cruise, or I'll just make you sleep in the back garden." I threatened and raised my eyebrows with a smirk on my lips. 

Jack and Josh shared a look before their eyes darkened and looked back at me. I dropped my smirk and gulped quite loudly when they both made their way over to me. 

I widened my eyes, nervous as to what they were going to do. Jack came to stand in front of me, so close, that our chests were almost touching. I felt warmth radiating behind me, making me realise Josh was standing behind me. 

I looked up in Jack's eyes in confusion. He wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me to him so that my body was flush against his. I gasped when I felt Josh's chest pressed against my back. 

What made me bite my lip, was that I could feel both their erections against my body, making me stiffen. 

"Would you really make me sleep outside in the cold, by myself, Miss. Flair?" Josh whispered in my ear behind me as his lips brushed my neck. I bit my lip, holding in a moan. God, his lips were so soft. 

"Answer him, Ana." Jack ordered as he rubbed his hands on my hips. 

"I-I... I d-don't.." I stuttered but couldn't finish my sentence as my throat was too dry. 

Josh's lips trailed kisses down my neck and back up to the sweet spot in my ear which made a small moan escape my lips. I closed my eyes as the feeling from my neck was sent all the way to my breasts and then to the middle of my thighs. 

I felt Jack's breath on my face and soon his lips were on mine. His lips were soft and gentle, needing and wanting. I deepened the kiss as his tongue danced with mine. I was still aware of Josh's tongue behind me and I moaned into Jack's lips. 

I felt their erections twitch as I moaned and a feeling of pleasure and pride hit me. To think, The Cruise brothers want me! 

OM Gee!

My breathing got heavier as I became breathless by the kiss and Jack took his perfect lips away from mine and looked down at me with desire and lust. 

"Are you still going to make us stay outside, Ana?" Jack said as he kissed the corner of my mouth and I felt Josh's hands caressing my backside. 

I moaned and then whimpered as Jack started rubbing his hands on my breasts. Damn, that feels so good...

"Oh, you guys." I moaned. I knew I was soaking down there but I couldn't give a number two. 

"Answer him baby." Josh said and he spanked my ass, making me yelp. That helped me get my thoughts back together and I stuttered out a weak, "N-no. I'm n-not gonna make you stay o-outside."

Jack grinned down at me and flashed his straight, white teeth. "Good girl." Was all he said and he pecked my lips again before both him and Josh walked over to pick their bags up. "I call Ana's bed!" They both shouted at the same time and then they raced to my room and shoved each other on the way. 

I shook my head, bringing myself back to reality. Was that real or was that just a really hot, wet dream? I'm hoping it was the first one. 

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