chapter 15

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“You know what, I don’t even know why I hate this stuff so much,” Jenna told us, swigging back the nearly empty bottle of tequila and then grinning like an idiot. 

“Yeah say that tomorrow,” Leanne muttered under her breath making me laugh.

It was ten o’clock and we were still sitting in Leanne’s watching Jenna getting more and more drunk while she downed the tequila straight from the bottle then resorted to cuddling it when she wasn’t. 

“I will,” Jenna stated, attempting to stand up then falling back down as her legs gave way.

Why did we have to start her on the tequila?

Don’t get me wrong, a drunk Jenna’s a funny Jenna but at this rate she wouldn’t get down the stairs in one piece never mind to a bar.

Leanne was starting to realize this too, as she walked over and attempted to rip the bottle out of Jenna’s hands but she was not giving up her precious tequila that easily and all that happened was some of it spilled out the top causing Jenna to start whining like a five year old.

“Look what you done,” she cried, holding onto the bottle harder and taking another swig.

“Yeah you’ve had enough,” I told her, successfully snatching the bottle and taking a deep drink myself.

Hey, I was allowed – I wasn’t the one totally wasted right now but I couldn’t help but laugh at the huffy look she gave me.

“No I haven’t,” she muttered under her breath, slurring her words together so it sounded more like a noise.  It’s lucky for her I speak pisshead.

“Yeah you have steamer,” I told her, setting the bottle on the table and getting up to sort my hair before we left. 

“Nope, I can drink all night,” she yawned, lying back on the sofa and stretching out with her heels up.

I could see Leanne itching to tell her about getting her shoes off her couch but I gave her look warning her to just leave the drunk one alone. 

My friends, don’t you just love them.

“So who wants to phone the taxi?” Jenna muttered from the sofa, cuddling into one of the cushions and at that moment I just knew it was game over for her.  She would probably pass out in the next ten seconds, wake up in the middle of the night with the hangover from hell and spew her ringer. 

I looked at Leanne and she pulled her mobile out to order one while I went to the toilet.  When I came back through, would you believe it, Jenna was snoring away like a forty year old man.

“She’ll be going nowhere,” Leanne laughed as I sat down and finished my drink. 

“What are we going to do with her?” I wondered out loud laughing.

“Might as well just leave her here,” Leanne replied while she applied lipstick then pouted in her mirror.

“Jenna?” I shouted loudly, going over and prodding her without any response.  I took this as an invitation to shake her about but the lazy bitch was not getting up.  All she ended up doing was slapping my hands away and hiding her head under a cushion.

I guess someone’s staying in tonight then.

“Do you think she’ll be ok?” I asked laughing as I took a picture on my phone for evidence to bribe her with later.

“Yeah she’ll be fine,” Leanne replied half-heartedly, before stating, “Taxi’s here.”

Giving Jenna one last look, I grabbed my clutch bag and followed Leanne out to the waiting taxi. 

We ended up going to Shakers Bar which was around the corner from all the nightclubs so we only had a two minute stagger when we left.  With Jenna passed out on Leanne’s sofa like the lightweight she is we couldn’t use her student ID to get us into the union so this was the next best option.

Shaker’s was busy tonight, but what do you expect on a Friday?  Losers were lined up all over the place as some idiot belted out a song on the karaoke like a completely wasted twat.  Seriously you would have to ply me with alcohol to make me get up there – I sound like a tortured cat on speed singing and it wouldn’t even surprise me if I managed to break every window in the place.

Leanne went up to get the drinks while I sat at a booth and, bored, had a look through the song menu.   I’ve only ever gone up once and it’s still a bit of a blur – the whole night is – but I do know we ended up killing ‘footloose’ in our old local.

I don’t know if we even sang most of it, I think we only really went up for the dance.  All I do know is I woke up the next morning passed out on Jenna’s mums living room floor while her dad actually cleaned around us all.  It was not one of my proudest moments but then again I was only 16 – that was in the days that a litre of vodka would get all four of us pissed before we hit the town. 

Nowadays I can handle my drink a bit better – well, I can drink more anyway, but I still have the problem of knowing when to give it a rest.  My excuse is I’m only 21, still young and you only live once so fuck being a boring bastard.  At least I can look back and laugh at the stupid things we get up to when I have my mid-life crisis in a few years.

“Here we go,” Leanne said, placing my drink in front of me and taking the seat opposite.

“Thanks hun,” I replied, taking the cocktail and downing it.  That’s the one good thing about Shakers, they do two cocktails for a fiver when most places charge an arm and a leg.

“Is that not the asshole from your work?” Leanne asked me, indicating her head behind me with a sly smile.

I spun around in the booth to look and noticed Evan standing with a group of people at the back of the bar, chatting his usual shit more than likely.

“Yeah,” I sighed turning back around to face Leanne and sinking down slightly in my seat. 

Why the hell does he seem to be everywhere nowadays?  Seriously Dundee has more pubs than public toilets so why the fuck did he have to choose this one? 

And isn’t it passed his fucking bedtime anyway.  Alan should be tucking him in with a story don’t ya think?

“You know what you should do?” Leanne said and I looked at her to tell her I was listening.  She leaned in closer to tell me quietly over the loud idiot singing.

“You should put him up for karaoke,” she told me laughing.

My eyes went wide as I realized just how much I love my best friend.

“Good thinking,” I said excitedly, a big evil grin making its way onto my face.

“What song should I put him up for?” I asked her while flipping open the book and turning it around so she could see.

“What about Abba?” she asked smirking.

“Nah it needs to be something better,” I said flipping through the pages before I finally landed on the song of all songs. 

Quickly writing it down I gave it to Leanne who ran over to the DJ with it and now all we had to do was sit back and watch. 

He was going to hate me by the end of the night if he doesn’t already but this was just too good an opportunity to miss.  And my phone would definitely be ready for the next youtube hit that he was gonna become in about ten minutes.  Payback really is a fucking bitch.

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