Chapter 29 ~ Turn Down for the Drama

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Chapter 29 ~ Turn Down for the Drama

( IMPORTANT a/n at the end )

~ Jade's POV ~

" Aiden doesn't need to know of my past with Chloe. Sure we were friends but. . .she changed. Now we're just enemies. So leave it at that, okay?" I told Kaitlyn looking at her. She stared at me and nodded understanding the situation.

What no one knows is that Chloe, Kaitlyn, Lucy, and I used to be the best of friends all through out elementary. But then towards the middle of elementary school is when Kaitlyn was separated from me and it was only Lucy, Chloe, and I. But when we all came back together in high school. . .Chloe had a hatred towards us. She changed tremendously. But she never told us why she didn't want to be our friend anymore. She just walked away.

~ Flashback ~

" Lucy!" I yelled at her as she was walking into our new school. It was finally our first day of high school and I was excited but nervous.

" Jade!" She came and hugged me. I hugged back and then we both laughed at our huge back packs that were filled with a bunch of crap inside. Which was funny because at the end of the year we would only use a notebook and what ever pencil we had found on the floor through out the year.

" Where's Chloe?" I asked her looking around for her. " I think she's already inside. Guess what? Our lockers are all next to each other! So obviously we'll see her." She replied pulling me into the school and heading towards the lockers that were assigned to us. We were mailed all the information of our new school during the summer and we were also emailed a map so we wouldn't get lost. This school made sure we were prepared.

" Chloe!" Lucy and I yelled her name as we saw her emptying her back pack. But she wasn't alone. There were other girls with her. Chloe ignored us and rolled her eyes at us. " Look, this is high school. It's time we hang out with people of the same social status. Which means we're not friends anymore. Toodles!" She said waving goodbye and leaving us in the dust. I was heartbroken that I lost a great friend. While Lucy wanted to murder her. I have never seen a girl so angry before in my life.

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