-10-Out Of All the People In the World, I Fall In Love With You?

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It was almost time for me to go off to college. I was kinda sad, yet excited. Sad cause i might not get to see Andrew as much. Excited because i've always wanted to go to UCLA. Ever since middle school.

~~Day before going to college~~

"Dont ever forget about us, man. Remember those times we smashed peoples mail boxes, tped houses, threw eggs at Erics car, and how we always had the times of our lives together" Freddy said as we hugged goodbye.

I chuckled at the throwing eggs at Erics car. That was to fun. "Ahah, i wont"Thenwe let go and i looked at Steven. He looked down at meandsmiled. He grabbed my shoulder then pulled me into a tight hug.

"Im not ganna tell you a long ass story, just ganna say, i love you.Youre like my little sister. And iwant you to be happy"

I heard him sniffle then we pulled away. He lookedat me with his red,tear-floodedeyes. I began to cry myself then i grabbed the back of his shirt and pulled himinto anotherhug.

I smiled. "I never seen you cry"

I heard him chuckle. "I only cry when someone i care about leaves."

We pulled away then smiled at eachother. I walked over to Chelsea.I smiled at how hard she was crying. I hugged her tight. "Dont cry, dollface. Its ganna be okaay. Ill come back soon." i pulled away to look at her. Igave her a resuring smile. "I promise."

She pulled me back into a hugthen cried more.I cried with her. "Illnever forgetyou Chelsea. Howwe alway would joke around in middleschool, how we wouldlie to your mom andshell never expect athing"

She chuckled abit. Then we pulled away and i went toPamela and Gwen. They were crying the hardest.

I smiledthen opened up my arms. They both attacked me with their hugs.I was smiling through my tears.

"Imma really miss you guys. Ill never forget you guys."

Then Freddy, Steven, and Chelsea joined the hug. "Imma miss all you guys. I love you guys. Youve been with me through bad times and good. You believed in me, when noone else would. You helped me up, when i was down, you always made me smile, when all i thought i could do was frown. So thank you all, for being here to say goodbye. Ill love you all, until the day i die"

We all laughed then pulled away.

"What the hell are you? Dr. Seuse?" Steven laughed, wiping away a tear.

I smiled then shrugged.

"How long did it take you to make that up?" Chelsea asked.

"It just came off the top of my heaad. Except the last line. I didnt know how to end it."

Gwen laughed. "I freaking love you, maaan."

Then my parents came outside. My mom was crying a river and my dad looked like, super depressed.

I walked over to them then hugged then both. My mom criedloud and long.

When she calmed down abit, she said "My little girl is growing up" She ran her hand through my hair and smiled.

I smiled back.

Then my dad put a hand on my shoulder. "GO. Go to college, Delylah. Do great things. MAke this family proud. But always make time to visit."

I smiled. "I will. Promise."

He smiled down at me then we hugged one last time. He kissed my cheek and i could feel his itchy beard scratch my cheek. I chuckled, remembering hating that as a little girl. I motioned for my friends to come over and join the hug. Then did and almost killed me with their love.


"Bye!" i blew a kiss as i waved from my window. "I love you all! So much!"

My mom, Pamela, Gwen, and Chelsea all were crying. I started crying again myself. then, i drove away. Looking back at their sad expressions in the rear-view mirror.

As i turned the corner, their sad expressions were out of sight..

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