The End

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Kevin walked around their home, grabbing things to be returned to the store. Connor sat on their kitchen counter, playing with Oliver. Although the whole event did not go as planned, it still was in some way successful. However, there was something obviously picking at Connor's mind.

His face while playing with Oliver was not his usual bright and pearly white smile, but rather an unintentional scowl. Connor's brow furrowed in strange concentration. As the cat played with the feather toy, Connor's eyes would oddly stare at it like it was a foreign object to him.

Kevin took notice and sat next to his boyfriend grabbing the cat and the toy. Connor snapped out of his trance and goggled at him for a moment, unsure why he had intervened. Oliver trotted around Kevin's lap before quickly moving over to Connor and laying on his hand. Connor's fingers pulled themselves out from the heavy cat's body and started petting his soft fur. Kevin reached over and scratched Oliver's ears before grasping his boyfriend's hand.

"Thank you," Kevin rubbed Connor's thumb. "I would have never been able to come out to my family if it wasn't for you and your idiotic plan. Also, what you said really had an impact on my dad. If you didn't speak up during that, I don't think I would have reacted so calmly after he left."

Connor let out a little laugh and sighed. "It was no big deal, but I'm just glad at least your mom and brother accepted you."

He could see the gleam of Connor's eyes turn into the dim glow of an ember when he said "accepted". Unfortunately, Kevin knew all to well that word was a new phrase and certainly did not apply to Connor's family life.

"Call her," Kevin smiled warmly.


"Your mother."

"Are you crazy?" Connor jumped off the counter causing Oliver to dash away. "She hasn't talked to me in years and the last time she did she couldn't even make out a full sentence! They gave me some money to last me maybe a week and if it wasn't for you or the other missionaries I would have been one of the many LGBTA people homeless. My mother gave me a dark glare as I left the house as my father muttered words of me living in hell. If my mother would have wanted to talk to me, should would have!" Tears were now pouring down his cheeks as his voice raised in volume. "Not everyone's mother can be as perfect as yours, Kev! And I rather not call her just to be hung up on after the word 'hello'!"

Kevin was taken a back, unsure of what to say. Just as soon as his brain put together a response, Connor had already fled to their room with the door slammed shut. Kevin pushed himself off the counter and made his way over to their door. Inside, he heard Connor's crying and desperately wanted to help. He knocked on the door softly before creaking it open.

Eyes red and puffy from tears looked up at him. Kevin waited for Connor to nod allowing him to enter, but instead of giving the signal he went back to sobbing. He let himself in and crawled up behind him on the bed. Handling him like a glass doll, Kevin wrapped his arms around Connor. The embrace did not stop the roll of tears, but rather increased them.

Kevin rested his head on Connor's shoulder and lightly kissed his neck. Without a single word, the two stayed there like that for twenty minutes.

Only did Kevin dare to speak until Connor's cry turned into a delicate whimper.

"Are you better now?" He asked sympathetically.

"Just because I stopped blubbering doesn't mean everything's a-okay."

"I know..." Kevin searched for the right thing to say. "I was just trying to see if you felt any better."

Connor sighed and turned around to face him. "I'm sorry for lashing out on you. Your mother is amazing and you are a great partner. Your father left an angry mess over you being bisexual and here I am crying about myself," He tucked his face in between Kevin's neck and shoulder. "It just upsets me to talk about my mother and how my family treated me."

"Do you need some alone time?"

"Yes," Connor lifted up his head.

Kevin kissed his forehead and walked out of the room giving him some space to himself. Once the door was shut, Connor kicked off his shoes and slid underneath the covers.

He closed his eyes and wiped away any excess tears.

Almost like she was right next to him, Connor could hear the lullaby his mother used to sing to him. Her soothing voice filled his mind with great memories of holidays and funny moments they had shared long ago. His mother was one of the most important things in his life growing up, and now she had been gone for years. The gaping hole that was left grew bigger and bigger as more time passed by until it came to where whenever Connor would hear her name something inside of him broke.

He sat up and swung his feet over the edge of the bed. Grabbing the phone on his nightstand he picked it up and dialed a number he hadn't typed in a while. The phone rang until it was stopped by a woman's voice.

"Hello, mom?" Connor smiled, hoping her response would be welcoming. "It's me Connor."

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