Chapter 31

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✷ chapter 31 ✷

✷ Natalie

I screamed once I looked in the mirror to see hickeys all over my neck.

"Baby, what's wrong?" Chris questioned running into the bathroom.

"Look at my neck! I look like I've been infected with some type of disease." I shouted as Chris looked at me with a smirk on his face.

"I marked my territory." He replied back leaving a kiss on my neck before walking out of the bathroom.

I rolled my eyes.

Now I'm gonna have to walk around looking like a tramp.

Last night with Chris was magical and the ambiance of the whole thing was amazing.

Chris made love to me and I could tell with every touch that he truly loves me and he doesn't just say it because he's in the mood to.

After washing my face, brushing my teeth, and fixing my hair a little bit I went to join Chris out on the deck.

"I just thought that we could enjoy breakfast before we leave the boat." Chris explained to me as the waiters from last night sat plates of food down on the table.

I smiled at him. "Aww Chris you're so sweet and this has to be the best date that I have ever been on." I told him.

He pulled the chair out for me as I sat down in it. He then went to sit in the chair across from me.

"I don't think I can thank you enough for bringing me out here. This is really amazing and I'm glad I got to experience being on a actual boat." I confessed digging into my food.

"You don't need to thank me. You being here is enough for me." He told me smiling at me.

I couldn't ask for anyone better then Chris.

We ate and talked for a little while until we finished our food and then we left the boat.

"I'm gonna drop you off at home. I have to handle something right quick." Chris said pulling up in front of the house.

"What?" I questioned him while raising my eyebrows.

"It's a surprise. I'll see you later baby." He replied back kissing me on the cheek.

"Later babez" I said making Chris chuckle a little bit.


✷ Chris

Like I said before I really want to help Natalie out with her dancing career.

I decided to pay a little visit to one of my close friends.

I took a deep breath as I knocked on the door to his house.

"Who is it?" He called from behind the door.

"It's your brother man now hurry up and answer the damn door." I called back.

I could hear him laugh from behind the door.

He opened up the door and we did our handshake.

"Wassup man." He greeted me with a huge smile.

It's been awhile since I've talk to him because we've both been busy.

"Wassup August!" I yelled barging into his house like I owned it.

"Nobody told yo yellow ass to just walk up in my house like that man. What if I had a lul hoe up in here or something." He snapped smacking the back of my head.

I smacked my lips at him. "You ain't got no hoes, you see I get all the hoes, I gets all the booty." I said making us both bust out laughing.

"Whatever man. What are you doing over here? I know you want something because I Neva see your ass." He told me while giving me a look.

"I've been busy with my girl." I explained to him.

He gave me a look of shock.

"What? Chris Brown....the Chris Brown has settled down? I can't believe it." August joked.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah man she's a sweet girl and I'm falling for her." I said with a smile on my face.

"You must be because I haven't seen you smile that big in a while." He said playfully nudging me.

"Aye speaking of my girl I was wondering if you needed a dancer still?" I asked him.

"I knew your ass needed something." He snapped leaning on the kitchen counter.

I laughed. "Just answer the question nigga damn."

"Yeah I do. Can your girl dance? I don't mean like regular dancing I mean like can she dance sexily?" August questioned with his arms folded over his chest.

I nodded my head. "Yeah the way she was dancing last night, she turned a nigga on." I told him while licking my lips at the thought of her.

August nodded his head. "Well then I think I can help her out. Just have her come by rehearsals at Club twisted tomorrow afternoon." He replied back.

We shook hands. "Good looking out bro. She'll be there tomorrow." I told him.

"Aight I'll see you later because I got to head to the studio." August said walking me to the door.

I nodded my head. "Later." I replied before leaving.

I hope Natalie likes August because she's gonna be his new dancer.

August in MM 😍💦

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