Ros awoke in her bed, still in her gown from the night before. The rain had stopped and she smiled to herself, she could go walk the gardens. The gardens were always the most beautiful right after a rain, even if it was a storm like the one before. Getting up from her bed, she looked over and there was already breakfast on the table. There was a simple green dress laid out on one of the chairs along with shoes. She knew that her handmaiden had done this, and she was thankful. It was strange for the handmaiden not to be around when she awoke, but she didn't think anything of it. She changed quickly, and slipped on her shoes. Today Arthur was going out riding, and she wanted to see him off. She didn't touch her food, she just ran out the door and down the castles hallways, until she reached the outside. It was a lovely day, and Ros was jealous that her brother would get to leave the castle today, for it was beautiful. She walked around to the front, to see her brother there with his horse and another, along with the boy she met last night, Merlin, and a young girl. Ros smiled as Arthur saw her approach, and he walked up to her and enveloped her in a hug. "I see you're going out riding today then?" She asked him.

"Well it's a beautiful day isn't it? And who better to ride with me than my little sister?" He smiled down at her. She was confused, Uther would never permit her to go out riding, he knew this. As if he was reading her thoughts he said, "Uther knows nothing of it. plus it's not like he would care much anyway, you and I both know this."

"If he finds out, you could get in so much trouble Arthur," she began, "I wouldn't-"

"Listen Ros, I couldn't care less what Uther does, he hardly looks at you anyway. He wouldn't care if you went out riding with me, and on a day like this? It's beautiful out, let's just enjoy it alright?" She nodded. Arthur was right, Uther wouldn't notice if she had died much less if she went out riding this one time.

"Alright." She followed her brother over to where the two horses were.

"Merlin, go get us two more horses, my sisters horse and then one for your sister." Arthur pointed over towards the stables.

"Oh are you coming with us your highness?" Merlin turned towards her and smiled.

"Yes, Arthur convinced me to," she said as she poked her older brother in the side, causing his to flinch and smile a bit. She loved it when he would smile, it made her day. When she saw Merlin bringing her horse, something clicked inside of her, she was actually going outside of the castle.She had before, but that was only at night. Now she was going during the day, and her brother would be there with her. A smile broke out across her face, she was excited.

"Your horse m'lady." Merlin handed her the reins of her white mare, and he took the other speckled white one over to who was apparently his sister. She could see it, they looked very much alike. Arthur walked over to her and helped her up onto the saddle, just as he did when they would ride together at night. Then he jumped up on his, and so did Merlin and his sister. They were chatting about something quietly, Ros couldn't quite make it out. She urged the horse forward, so she was next to her brother.

"You look terrified," Arthur joked. He reached his gloved hand over and patted her shoulder. "You'll enjoy this I promise, it's much more exciting to ride during the day than it is during the night." He led his horse forward, and the tree of them followed behind him, outside of the gates. They were immediately met with a dirt path, leading to the forest of trees. Looking at it during the day was just as Ros hoped. The trees shifted slightly in the spring breeze, and there was a shine to them that she had never expected. It was the rain, it had left dew on the plants, letting them shine in the sun.

They rode on, through the trees, following the path through the forest. She heard small birds singing their good morning songs in their nests, and a butterfly flew in front of her. Arthur turned around and laughed, she guess she looked like a small child, which she did.

Merlin rode up next to her, his sister following his lead. "Your highness, this is my younger sister Anastasia, or just Ana. She'll be helping with your care along with Arthur's." She looked over at Merlin, then at the girl riding next to him. She looked uneasy, yet confident. Ros smiled to her.

"Well I look forward to it, you seem lovely Ana." Ana smiled at her and nodded.

"It's um, nice to serve you?" She seemed unsure when she said that, but Ros had an idea of why. If Ana was Merlin's sister then she wouldn't know about serving, just as Merlin didn't know anything when he was called to work for Arthur. Ros understood, and she would be patient with her, unlike how Arthur had been with Merlin.

They rode on, about an hour or two later, they decided to take rest and eat something. Merlin produced a small feast for the four of them. They ate in silence, which Ros didn't mind. She was too preoccupied with her surroundings. They were by a small pond, and they sat on the grass under a large tree for shade. She knew that this would most likely never happen again, so she tried to take in every little detail she could. She observed the trees, and each little shadow they cast upon the ground. The trunk of the tree had uprooted a bit, and she reached over, feeling the rough texture of the bark on her fingers. The earth was still damp from the rain and she dug her fingers into it, feeling the cool dirt between her hands.

It was calming, she could sit here forever, but she knew that they had to leave soon. Merlin and Ana were packing up their things, and Ros went towards the pond and sat on the edge. She looked at her reflection in the water. Her light brown hair had small leaves tangled in it, which caused her to laugh. There were small daisies growing in the grass beside her, so she picked them one by one and tied them together. She made a white daisy crown for herself and Arthur, and there were blue and green poppies there too, which she tied together to make two other flower crowns for Merlin and Ana.

When she stood, she draped the flower crowns on her wrist and walked back to the group. "What are those?" Arthur walked towards her. She took one of the white ones and placed it on his head.

"They're flower crowns, I made one for each of us," she said as she walked over to Merlin. Placing the green one on his head, he smiled at her. She gave the blue one to Ana, helping her put it on as well. With the remaining white one, Merlin came over and placed it on her head.

"A flower crown for a princess," he said quietly. She thanked him and looked over at her brother. She had never really looked like her brother, she took after her mother. It had occurred to her that's why Uther hardly looked at her, she looked too much like his wife.

When they got back on their horses, they slowly began making their way back home. Ros looked around, trying to take in every detail of the trees and the brush around her. Who knew how long it would be before she went out like this again?

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