Chapter twenty-one

Here comes the BOOM!
Here comes the BOOM! 
Here comes the BOOM!

Video on the side is Nelly - Here come the boom.
Pretty appropriate. You'll see why ;)


I woke up the next morning to the constant rays of sunshine that had chased away the snow from the grounds. Lush blades of grass over took the white snow and the many different shades of green coloured the leaves that had grown back onto the bereft branches. Spring had arrived.

I padded out to the kitchen and noticed Helena lost in thought as she slowly sipped from her ceramic mug filled with coffee. Her normally light copper skin was a shade paler but it seemed as though her cheeks were flushed.

“Good morning” I greeted her as I filled my own mug with aromatic coffee.

“Good morning, and it really is a good morning” she breathed in deeply letting small smile lift the corners of her lips, “Have you seen the grounds this morning? This is definitely my kind of day!”

I couldn’t help but smile, it seemed that now that the snow had vanished Helena was feeling more alive and was acting more like herself. Thank goodness... I was beginning to wonder if she would ever return back to herself after the death of Max.

“It’s beautiful outside. It’s too bad we have classes today though...” she shrugged in reply but smiled softly. We sat in comfortable silence caught up in our own little world as we finished our coffee. Helena was first to finish and stood up to get ready and I followed soon after.

The day had dragged on and on and I was beginning to feel twitchy from the lack of excitement. So much had happened in such a short time, so to finally escape from History had been welcome. “I’ll see you in Combat later on Helena” I called out to her as I made my way down to Water Skills. Students gathered around me as we walked down to our classroom.

For the first time since returning from the holidays I felt alone. Max and I had always shared this class and now... now he was gone. I recognised the many faces surrounding me and yet I couldn’t find it in me to befriend someone new, it just felt as though I’d be replacing Max. I hadn’t thought of him for a while and, as I stood in the plain, tiled room with the pool of water in the centre, I found my heart aching a little.

As usual, Ms Flumine made her grand entrance. The water in the pool swirled and bubbled while globs of water began to rise. The room looked as though bubbles had been blown and were lazily swirling around while the rays of sunlight shot tiny rainbows by reflecting through the water. Suddenly the bubbles of water zipped through the air, all zooming back to the centre, and clashed together presenting Ms Flumine who stood tall and poised by the edge of the pool while the spray of water drizzled down around her.

“Good afternoon class” her fluid voice greeted us. “Today will be an interesting and extremely difficult class; one that Coach Shulk has insisted all Skills teachers to train their students in for Combat later on.”

This immediately caught my attention. It seemed that it was something I was looking for after the tedious day I’d endured so far. Skills classes were always held before Combat and whatever we had learned in that class was usually required in Combat.

“As you may have realised, when defending or attacking, Abled have taken to using older sorts of weapons such as swords, axes, shields, whips and knives. Today however, you will be training on how to use guns and explosives” My eyes widened in interest and excitement. Ms Flumine walked around the edge of the pool as she spoke dragging her hand through the air and forcing the water below to ripple along with her.

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