Hate you with all the love I have

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Hate you with all the love I have

You don’t see what you do to me,

You’re just too much for me.

Don’t you see it, this is killing me,

Filling me, with love.

I can’t handle this it’s too much,

I can’t get enough,

I want to be freed from this feeling,

Someone is stealing,

I want it back want it to be left alone.

I hate you with your beautiful eyes,

With your lovely sad byes.

Really this isn’t normal, I’m getting insane

Can’t call this sane, this is fucking pain !

I’m waiting for you,

still straining to you,

But my longing is over,

Completely ended, fallen over.

I hate it,

my whole life ends up without a clue of finding you,

I still love you and chances are big that It will always remain,

Along with my indescribable pain.

Really help me out,

Get it loud.

shout it into my ears,

Until I can’t hear.

Blood comes down from my eyes,

Without knowing how to act wise.

You really can’t see what you’re doing to me,

But it’s not you to blame it’s me who’s not sane,

I’m sorry but I just Hate the way I love you…

It’s getting me drowned,

Fills me up until I can’t make a sound.

I love you ! But I can’t stand it !

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