Alone on Cloud 9 (11)

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Shocking isn't it? Two chapters in one week I've been waiting to write this one for a while now so I hope you like it, even if you were one of the people who saw it coming. 

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"We are all a volume on a shelf of a library, a story unto ourselves, never possibly described with one word or even very accurately with thousands. A person is never as quiet or unrestrained as they seem, or as bad or good, as vulnerable or as strong, as sweet or as feisty; we are thickly layered, page upon lying page, behind simple covers. And love - it is not the book itself, but the binding. It can rip us apart or hold us together." 

-Honey, Baby, Sweetheart


Chapter 11              Grade 10


March 22

You know how they say don't judge a book by its cover? I never understood that. Just what exactly are you supposed to judge it by then? They say a picture's worth a thousand words. Now that makes sense. The cover is a story's first impression, a glimpse into the life of the character you're about to delve into. It gives you a basis to form the story around, to see the words as a movie in your head. Maybe a story is awesome, maybe it deserves an award, but if it has a boring cover that doesn't grab my attention right from the start, or at the very least an intriguing title, it's going back on the shelf. 

That's all I'm saying. 

The same thing applies to people, if you know what to look for. I'm not saying you can't change your mind, or that a judgment based on appearance should be the determining factor in whether or how you interact with a person; after all, everyone deserves a chance to prove you wrong, but you need something to go on. Sometimes that gut instinct is right. Sometimes getting in too deep clouds your judgment, lets you conveniently forget the flaws, the frayed edges and peeling lamination or cracks down the spine. But they still exist; they still mar the surface if you just know where to look. 

What I'm saying is, I was right about Paige Summers all along.  

I was surprised at the speed of this schools' gossip mill. It was like one quick strike of steel against flint, sparks flew out in every direction catching on the tongue of any student ready to spread the news and feed an ever-growing flame.

Even before the first period bell had gone off, everyone knew. 

     'Didn't you hear?'

     'She cheated on Wes Pierson'


     'You know, that quiet guy in history'

I tried not to listen as I pulled my biology textbook out of my locker and slammed it shut behind me, but it was pretty hard not to notice when the curious gazes started being directed at me.

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