Chapter 4: Hogsmade

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Long time no see. ;)



It has been a week since the strange breakfast, and Ginny and I have gotten closer.

She's really shy, but so sweet when you get to know her.

Today I have double potions with Ravenclaw. I hate Slytherin, don't get me wrong, but... Ravenclaw *shiver* ... is like, nails on a chalkboard. Dragging painfully slowly down.

As I'm walking to potions someone, legitimately, runs right into my side.  "Oh my gosh, Ruby! I'm so sorry!" The person exclaims sincerely.

I look up to meet George's warm, but cool, brown eyes.

"Oh, uh, It's alright,"  I tell him shrugging, also trying not to embarrass myself.

"Hey, are you going to Hogsmeade?" He asks me out of the blue.

"Um, I think so. Why?" I ask (secretly hoping he'll ask me).

"Would you like to go with me?" He asks me coolly.

I blush and try not smile like an idiot, and I then reply, "That would be, uh, cool. Yeah..."

"Ok, cool. Well, have fun with Snape." He says sarcastically with a goofy smile on his face.

"Oh, tons," I smile back at him.


"He did what?!" Hermione screamed/laughed in my face.

"Yes Hermione, for the last time, George. Asked. Me. To. Hogsmeade." I tell her slowly, but not before rolling my eyes at her.

"I know but, blimey Ruby, come on! You and George are going on a date!" She squealed.

"I already told you, it's an outing," I say, but secretly hoping that it actually is a date.

"Whatever, but it's still a date." She sighs and rolls her eyes at me.


Harry just looked at me, he just stared........

He finally looked back down at his untouched lunch and sighed.

"Ruby, I can't make you not go, but... I just want you to be careful. I don't want to see your heart broken. I swear if he does anything..."

He trails off.

I roll my eyes, why does my brother have to be so bloody dramatic?!

"You'll kill him, I know the drill Harry, Uncle Remus gave me the same talk this morning. And just for the record, it's an outing, not a date." I tell him frustrated that I keep having to repeat myself over, and over.

"Good. I'm glad we're on the same page." He smiles at me.

I roll my eyes again and go back to eating my soup.

Bloody drama queen.


Right now I'm standing in the common room waiting for Hermione so that we can walk down to the courtyard together, and I just noticed this lamp in the corner by the fireplace.

That is a really nice lamp, has a nice shade of red and gold trimming...

"Alright, let's go." Hermione states suddenly hopping down the stairs.

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