I'm addicted to the Fast and Furious series, so here is a story dedicated to them!

I'm not sure if I like the title...So any suggestions? Comments? Rates? Fans?

Chapter 1: Surprises


      Hi, my name is Calayla, I'm 16 and have dark brown wavy/curly hair and big dark brown eyes. I have just recently moved in with my big brother and his team, but I'm getting to ahead of myself so let me tell you a bit of what happened before. I used to live with a family ex-friend, but after I eavesdropped my family supposedly "friend" talking in their room about sending me to the police and getting the $50,000, for giving me away. See my parents died for some reason I don't know, they left a note telling them to take care of me. See I'm the type that loyalty is extremely important. However when I was little we were separated, my brother gave me a card with a number only to be used in the most extreme emergency. So I decided to call the number....

I heard a gruff manly voice answer "Hello"

      I was in awe; I didn't remember his voice, or even what he looked like for that matter

"Hello?"  The voice again

"Hi" I whispered "ummm is this Dominic?"

"Yes....can I help you" He sounded so suspicious and scary...I was a bit afraid

"Um this is Calayla...I..." I couldn't even finished my sentence when I heard him exclaim

"CALAYLA, like lil sis Calayla?"

    I chuckled when I heard him speak again, except this time his voice was deeper but gentle. I tried to picture him but couldn't and was getting frustrated "Is everything okay? I told you to call this number only if there was an emergency..."

"Dom" I whispered "I think you're in trouble... I overheard Sam and Lisa talking about how they want to send me in the police and use me to get you and everyone to come after me and trap you guys..."

"WHAT?!!!" He roared. I cowered back even though I knew he wasn't mad at me... He sounded so dangerous, so strong, like he wanted to break someone's neck into pieces. "Why would they send you to the police?" He asked

"If they send me they will get $50,000 in exchange" I simply said.

      I then heard something shattering and breaking through the phone, and another man voice asking "Jesus Dom, Have you gone insane?"

"Cal don't do anything stay in the house, tomorrow at 6, I'll be there and take you! Don't say anything and stay with this phone, pour alcohol and burn the piece of paper and spread the ashes in the dirt" He said and with that the conversation ended with a click.

    I stared at my phone in shocked, I grabbed alcohol and poured it on the little paper and set it on fire, I then stomped on it, open my window, and threw the ashes out the window. Suddenly my room door flew open and Lisa stood there watching me. I stared at her and couldn't help but think how I wish I could throw her out of the window along with the ashes.

"Calaya who were you talking to?" she demanded

     I shuddered, who does she think she is? My mother?

 I looked at her "nobody" I replied

"Calayla do not lie to me, I'm going to ask you one more time, who were you talking to?"

"Lisa, I am going to tell you one more time, n-o-b-o-d-y" I mimicked her spelling "nobody" really slow.

       She came over and grabbed my phone.

"Hey" I yelled "That's mine"

      She smirked at me while she looked through my phone. As she scanned through I saw her face furrow as she kept pressing buttons I peeked over her shoulder and saw that the incoming call and outgoing call all said that it was from yesterday. I frowned, the number I called didn't even appeared on the list and I didn't even delete it. Lisa threw my phone at me and said "fine" and huffed away like a 5 year old.

       I shook my head; I couldn't believe that I lived with her. She has never been a mother to me but more like a jealous friend who only disapprove of me. I sigh, the only one that was okay with me was Sam but he almost always did whatever Lisa wanted.

       I sat on my bed and looked at the clock; it was 15 minutes till 8. I sigh I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I decided that I wasn't hungry and should probably get some sleep. I had a restless night and a  nightmare that Lisa locked me away from everyone and I could never go with my brother.

      The next day I woke up, to find Lisa smiling eerily down on me.

"Do you mind" I snapped.

       I was never in a good mood when someone woke me up especially Lisa.

"No, I actually don't, now get up and get dress" she replied "We are going somewhere."

"Where?" I asked remembering that Dom told me to stay in the house no matter what.

"Somewhere it's a surprised!" she said

"Okay" I smiled "Lets just wait till 7 and then we will go, because I have a huge project to do and you know how a project is worth 80% of my grade..." I quickly lied.

"Really?" she suspiciously asked "What project is this?"

"The solar system" I quickly thought up "I have to build a huge model of the solar system."

"Okay" she slowly replied "When  it's 7 though we are leaving whether you finished or not even if you have 150 degree fever." And with that she left

I sigh a relief, "that was close" I thought, then I groaned "ugh now I need to do a project that isn't even due." It was so not fair, I hated projects and now I just gave myself one to do.

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