Austin's p.o.v
Caution:some erotic scene coming up so I advise anyone under 16 reading this please exit yo ass from this chapter. Thank you!!!!

I'm GOING ON A DATE!! I mentally shouted as I danced around my room. I really can't believe it! He asked me out on a date! Plain ,old me! OK Austin,calm down. Take a deep breath and relax....

oh who am I kidding! I'm going on a date!!! I'm going on a date! I'm going on a date! I'm going on a-

Oh shit! I'm going on a date, I better get ready!

I quickly ran to the bathroom and got undressed and jumped into the shower in seconds. Grabbing my vanilla scented body wash,I lathered up my body and rinsed off under the heated spray. Stepping out of the shower,I grabbed my towel off the rack and rubbed myself from head to toe before throwing it into the laundry basket and stepping back into my bedroom.

As I took the first step into my room,I stopped right in my tracks and stared at the delicious, sexy,muscular sex God standing right next to my bed,staring at the place where I have pleasured myself over and over again while thinking of him.

As soon as he heard the bathroom door being opened,Rowlan turned around and his dark red eyes darkened and dilated in lust as they roamed my body before meeting my gaze. I stood there looking at him wide-eyed as he stalked over to me like I was his prey, about to be devoured.

He looked down at me with his chest heaving with one hand squeezing his dick and his other tanned hand cupped my cheek before he swooped down and kissed me hungrily.

I gripped his biceps and closed my eyes in pleasure as he ran his tongue across my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I gasped,clearly not expecting that and he plunged his tongue in and groaned loud before wrapping his hands around my body and crushing me into his hard body.

I felt his long,thick shaft against my stomach and I moaned before burying my hands in his hair. He growled before gripping my thighs and pulled them up, making me wrap my legs around his waist. I moaned when he started grinding into my ass,driving his cock further into my crack. And that's when I realized I was still naked. So that's why he looked at me like that...

When I opened my mouth ,about to tell him to touch me,he stopped kissing me and pulled back so only our foreheads we're touching. We were so close that we were literally panting into each other's mouth as we tried to catch our breath.

He gazed into my eyes with love and lust shinning in them and I felt a furious blush on my face. "So beautiful and so sweet..."Rowlan whispered softly.

I shyly smiled before pecking his lips and ducking my head into his neck,hiding my face as i felt another blush grace me with it's presence.

Rowlan chuckled and pecked me on my lips before setting me back on my feet. "I came in here to tell you something but I forgot as soon as I saw you..." he said to me and fuck if my ego didn't inflate a bit.

"Oh..,I remember now, I wanted to tell you to dress casual for our date tonight because knowing you, you'd probably dress up in a suit. "

"Oh, okay. Now get your butt out so I can get dressed as I was so rudely interrupted " I sassed while putting one hand on my hip and the other pointing towards the door.

"Yes sir!"Rowlan did with a military salute before leaving my room. I shook my head at his antics and finally got dressed. I first got dressed in a tight black boxers and pulled on my ripped white skinny jeans and a purple shirt that said Dear karma, I have the list of people you missed and a pair of purple and black sneakers.

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