《Chapter 02》

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Nagisa's POV

"Ohayo, Nagisa-kun!"

I turned and saw Sugino run towards me. "Ohayo, Sugino-san! You look happy today. What happened?"

"Well, Karasuma-sensei sent us all bulk mail yesterday, right? I can't wait to see the new student!"

Last night, Karasuma-sensei sent us bulk mail about the new student. It said that she will attend our class this morning. Karasuma-sensei said she looks bit unusual compared to us. Why did Karasuma-sensei say that? Does she look like Ritsu? Anyway, I hope this new student is friendly and normal like other students.

"Nagisa-kun, Sugino-kun, Ohayo! What are you guys talking about?" asked the sadistic red-haired boy from class E, Akabane Karma. He came really early today.

"Oh! Karma-kun. We just talking about the new student," I answered as I showed him the bulk mail that was sent to us.

"Nee, Karma, what do you think about this new student? Do you think she will be like Ritsu? Cause Karasuma-sensei said that she looks bit compared to us," Sugino asked Karma.

Karma chuckled when he heard Sugino question. "Heh, she is normal. I already saw her yesterday."

He then walk passed us to class. It's unusual for him to go to class in the morning. Usually he will skip first class. I think he is telling the truth about meeting the new student before.

At the teacher's office...

A (H/L) (H/C) girl sat on a chair in the teacher's office. She was reading the class E students' profile that she got from Karasuma and her research yesterday before Karasuma took her to the class. Irina looked bit uncomfortable with her presence, and she had some questions that she had been thinking about since yesterday.

"(Y/N), where did you get information about me? I thought only the government knew my personal information. And Karasuma said you already knew about korosensei before you arrived here.."

"Well, that's simple. I hacked the government's system." (Y/N) smiled as she showed Irina what she just did her laptop.

Right after that, Karasuma entered the teacher's office. He felt the tense between Irina and (Y/N). He then took (Y/N) to her class and introduced her.

At the class...

"My name is (Y.N). You can all call me (Y/N)." Almost all the boys blushed because of her smile.

"Hello, (Y/N)-san! I'm your teacher for all the subjects except English and P.E. You can call me Korosensei."

"Korosensei?! The octopus that destroyed 70% of the moon? I thought it was just myth." Korosensei head turn into yellow with green stripes.

"Nyuuhuuu~ of course it's true. Who said that I'm a myth? I can't forgive people who call me a myth!"

"If that's so, can we shake hands? It will not hurt right?"

"Of course!"

(Y/N) gripped Korosensei hand tightly while they shook their hands. One of Korosensei's hands exploded because there was a piece of a rubber knife taped on her hand; next she pulled his other hand and slammed it to the floor. She grabbed her other knives from her pocket and tried to stab him in the heart, but he dodged it in time. She made Korosensei turn purple and it shocked all the students in Class E.

"I didn't know that you'll fall for the same trick that Karma used on you, Korosensei." (Y/N) stood up and patted her skirt from the dirt.

"Well done (Y/N)-san. You're even better than Karma-kun. But next time, don't slam your teacher like that!"

She showed a peculiar peace sign to Korosensei and went to her sit next to Karma. She turn her head towards the red-haired boy and smiled. "Well, I think I'm better than you, Akabane-san."

Karma just smirked. This girl was more interesting than he thought. "Heh, I don't think so (Y/N)-san. Why don't we have a competition?~"

"I'd love to! But I can't. Karasuma told me to not mess with anyone from this class using my special ability. Even you, Akabane-san." She showed him her innocent smile.

Karma turned his head to the blackboard and thought about what (Y/N) said. 'Karasuma told me to not mess with anyone from this class using my special ability. even you, Karma.' Who does she think she is, a super intelligence girl? Well, let's see how you can manage my pranks, Karma thought with an evil smirk.

"Karma-kun! Don't smile like that when class is about to start! It's creepy, you know!" snapped Korosensei.

Time skip....

(Y/N) took her P.E. clothes out of her bag. The next lesson was P.E. with Karasuma-sensei. While (Y/N) searched for her clothes, Kayano and Nagisa came near her.

"(Y/N)-san, how did you do that to Korosensei?" they asked.

"Well, that's simple, Nagisa-kun. I just knew some of his weaknesses and took advantage of them." She laughed nervously. She wasn't used to attention from other people.

"(Y/N)-chan, you knew that Nagisa is a boy?" Kayano asked with an innocent face while Nagisa just sighed.

"Of course I knew. I even know all class E student's names and their family background. Even your little secret, Yukimura Akari." She whispered the last part so only Kayano can hear it.

How'd she know that?! I need to be careful around her, thought Kayano with her pale face.

"Nagisa-kun, can you please tell me where I can change my P.E. clothes?"

"Sure. Let's go Kayano!" answered Nagisa.

Kayano just nodded and went with them to locker room.



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