Chapter 3

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"So what can I do for you ladies?" asked Bob as he leaned against his truck and flexed his muscles. Caroline blushed and looked down at her feet, "This is kind of embarrassing, but Nicole and I have had a little too much to drink and were wondering if you could give us a ride home." Just as Caroline finished talking Nicole stumbled into Bob's arms. She began rubbing against him and she put her face right up to his ear. "We don't have any money, but I'm sure we can figure out some way to pay you," she whispered as she grabbed Bob's crotch and bit her lip.
Her breath reeked of alcohol, but Bob couldn't pass up this opportunity. He went to this party in hopes of getting into one honey, and now if he played his cards right he'd slide into two before the night was over. "Of course I can give you two fine ladies a ride, just tell me where I need to go." Caroline stood and thought for a second, "So like you pull out of here onto the main road, and then you make a right turn at this really big tree and our apartment building is somewhere on that road I think." Great, thought Bob. This place was going to be impossible to find, but at least if he did find it he was pretty much guaranteed an all night pass to pound town. "Okay I think I know where you're talking about" lied Bob as he got into the driver's seat. The back seats of the car were cluttered with Bob's old construction stuff forcing the three to squeeze in up front, which was perfectly fine with Bob. Nicole was pressed against Bob, and she was having a field day with his thigh and crotch area. Five minutes of being rubbed all over later, they arrived at the apartment building.
Caroline stepped out of the car, and just as Bob started to unbuckle she waved him off. "Thanks for the ride Bob, but I'm pretty tired and I think it would be best for Nicole and I if we just went to bed. Maybe we will see you again at another party." Bob was devastated. He had been used as a ride. The least they could do was let him use them for a couple hours. Nicole seemed more reluctant to go, and as she got out of the car she reached down and gave Bob one last squeeze before she left. Perfect, all that left Bob with was something that he'd have to deal with later on in his room. Just as Bob put the car in reverse and started to leave, Nicole appeared at his window with a panicked look on her face. Bob rolled down the window, and before he could let out a breath Nicole grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to her face. "Bob, my ex-boyfriend is up in our apartment, and I can't have him thinking I haven't moved on. You're going to clean yourself up real quick, come up to the apartment, and pretend to be my boyfriend." This could be interesting thought Bob, but he didn't want to be used again. "So what's in it for me if I do this?" asked Bob, putting his car in park and leaning on the window. Nicole looked him in the eyes, "If you do this I promise I'll pay you in more ways than one," she said as she rubbed her hand across Bob's reddening face. Bob pulled down the visor, looked in the mirror, and messed with his hair for a minute. He stepped out of the car and put his hand around Nicole, "Let's do this, babe."
The apartment door opened, and instantly the ex is in our faces. "Oh wow Nicole, who is this new boy toy you've got with you." He looks Bob up and down, and Bob catches a glimpse of what appeared to be some movement in the guy's pants. "For your information Chaz, this is my boyfriend Bob. We've been dating for a couple weeks now." Nicole wraps herself around Bob as she locks lips with him. She tugs at Bob's hair and forces him into the corner as her cherry flavored lips engulf him, until she bites at his lip letting him go. Chaz watches the entire moment and licks his lips. He walks closer to Bob, and takes a walk around him seeming to try and measure him up. He might be preparing for a fight. "Well I wish I had as much luck as you've obviously had after we broke up. I haven't been able to get any action, and this Bob guy looks like he must be a monster in bed." Chaz bumps into Bob, and slips his hand into his back pocket. "Well Nicole I guess there is no point in me trying to beg for you to take me back, because you've obviously found something better. But don't be afraid to give me a call." Chaz leaves the apartment, and gives Bob a quick wink before the door is closed. Nicole jumps into Bob's arms and takes off her top, revealing her perfect breasts that are barely covered by a pink lace bra. "I hope you're ready for your payment."
Bob woke up the next morning with one hand on Nicole's breast, and the other hand on Caroline's butt. That was the best night that Bob had had in quite some time. Not only was it a great night, but it got him thinking. Just for giving these girls a ride and pretending to be someone's boyfriend, he got a booty marathon and Nicole even gave him 20 bucks on top of that. Maybe he could take advantage of this. He had his desires fed and his wallet filled all in the same night. As he got out of bed and began putting on his clothes he saw an ice-cream van, and the idea hit him. He could buy himself a van and instead of selling ice-cream he'd be selling himself, but obviously they'd prefer him served hard over soft served. This was the idea that would put Bob back on his feet. He left his number on Nicole's night stand and rushed out to his truck. He needed to get home so he could begin looking for a van on sale. As he sat down in his truck he felt something crumple under his butt. He reached into his pocket and found a note from Chaz, containing Chaz's number with a heart next to it. It looks like Bob might have some male clientele as well with this escort business of his.

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