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I noticed the way he watched me from across the street. Those green eyes piercing me. I couldn't help but think he had a thing for me but he was in his mid-thirties and married. After a while, my feelings cooled for him and I guess he didn't.


May 15th

"Ah fucking, shit." I miss rolling out of the small cot, called a bed. I rub my eyes slipping on my glasses as fist pound on my door, surely my brothers.

"Alright, alright. I'm coming." I hush them. I look over to my roommate. "Thank you." I retort sarcastically towards her. She shrugs shoving her things into a bag.

"C' mon Mila, we don't have all day." Monty, my oldest brother shouts through the door. I open the door to the ragtag bunch of boys waiting to move my dorm stuff and things at home into my new house.

"Finally," Hank, the youngest, sighs hurrying in to start taking boxes down.

"Thank you, really. I didn't know I was getting a wake-up call along with my move today." I sigh taking my shorts and a tank top into the joined bathroom to change.

God, I can not wait to live in my own place. Not being rushed out of the bathroom every morning. Not being concerned if my roommate is studying or not when I come home.


"So where's, papa?" I asked opening the door to throw my clothes in a box.

"He got called in." Sammie, the middle, says tugging a box or two along.

Of course, he wouldn't show to help me move. His one and only daughter is moving out and he doesn't cope too well with change and it will just remind him of other things.

Shaking my thoughts away, I fold up the last of my bedding and head on down towards the car.

"You boys are wonderful." I chuckle. As they shove the boxes in the trunk.

"Yeah, as long as we get food out of this..." Monty remarks getting into the car. I climb into the back with Hank as Monty drives off.

"You know what today is...right?" Samuel says turning around to look at me. I nod playing with my fingers.

"Yeah, that's the only reason why dad didn't come." I sighed looking out the window.

"He should get over it." Monty mumbles. I look at him appalled.

"Maybe we should set him up with someone else. What was that woman's name at, uh, the grocery store?" Samuel chimes into the unbelieving conversation.

"Do you hear yourselves?" I ask. "Mom left four years ago. She and Papa had been married for nearly 30 years, that doesn't just go away." I hiss.

"But obviously it does. She moved on before it was even over." Monty resents. I look at Hank. He shrugs his shoulders.

"How can you defend him? He wasn't here today for you." Monty argues. I look out the window at the trees going.

Mom would always say, "The evergreens along the highway are like family, people are always passing through but your family always stays."

What lies she told me...

The rest of the car ride to my small beach bungalow, sandwiched between two huge houses the Nick Caraway's of houses, was filled with jokes and singing. When we got there we began moving in right away.

As I was taking a box off the truck the bottom fell out and I groan setting it down to pick up all the kitchen utensils.

"Here let me help you." A deep voice chimes. I look up the long thick legs up to an open button down showing a tan chest to light stubble and long hair and piercing green eyes.

"I'm Harry Styles. I live there besides you." He points to the beautiful house beside mine. I smile nodding.

"Mila McNeil," I say giving him a glittering smile. He opens his mouth but a high pitched squeal comes.

"Mimimimi." I hear the squeal for my name. I look over to see my nephew Carter running towards me. I pull him into me.

"Hey babe, this is Mr. Styles. Can you say hi?" I say playing with his hands and talking in a foolish baby voice. I mentally smack myself in the forehead, I never speak that way to him.

"Hello," he mumbles exchanging his Ls with Ws.

"Hi little man, what's your name?" He says poking him in the belly with his large fingers. I bite my lip looking at his long fingers.

"Carter." He says sounding out both syllables. I look at Harry chuckle his eyes slightly crinkling with laughter.

"We're gonna have to set up a play date, I have a little boy your age." He says. My eyes widen in shock.

He's a father.

A dilf.

"You have children?" I ask looking at him. He nods picking up the box.

"Two, two boys." He rolls his eyes laughing. I giggle.

"There you are, you little stinker." Monty comes taking him from me.

"Are you making lunch soon?" Monty asks.

"I guess." I roll my eyes.

"This is Harry, my new neighbor," I said resting a hand on his expensive feeling shirt.

"What's up, man? I'm Monty." He says holding out a hand. Harry takes his hand.

"Juice. Juice. Juice." Carter starts hitting Monty's chest.

"Alright, it was nice meeting you man," Monty says going back inside.

"I'll take this. Thanks." I say giving him a flirty smile.

"Uh, no problem." His words so slow they lingered between us. He runs his hand through his hair and rests his hand on his neck.

"I'll see you around," I say giving him a wink as I turn around. I look back over my shoulder to watch him walking towards his house.


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