How To Come Up With Good Plot Twists

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How To Come Up With Good Plot Twists 

A/N Well this chapter, I came up with the idea about 10 mins ago... and I'm supposed to be studying but wanted to write this first! This is basically going off the point in "How To Make Your Story Popular" where I said add a bit of drama. So here is a very short chapter on coming up with good plot twists! Hope it helps :D 

So before, in the 2nd chapter (How to Make Your Story Popular), I said that a way to make your story popular is through adding drama. Plot twists usually result in drama or at least hit the readers with an unexpected event. Here are a few possible tips. Once again, these are not guaranteed to work so please don't kill me if they don't work! 

1. Think of the unexpected - As an author, try to think of what everyone else will think and avoid this. Think outside the box! If you think inside the box, your story tends to get quite predictable and no offence to anyone, but quite boring. So of course you may lose readers through this. The first thing you come up with is probably the thing that everyone else thinks of (thank my English teachers for this piece of advice) so get rid of this first idea. The 2nd one is usually a lot better and a lot more unexpected. Maybe this would take a little more time but honestly I'd prefer a good plot twist rather than a predictable story even if it does take longer to update the story.  

2. This is kind of cheating but if your chapter ends in a cliffhanger, ask your readers (in the author's notes) what they think is going to happen - I may or may not be guilty of sometimes doing this.... Ok I'm guilty of it! I did this a couple of times in Fading. So I had an idea that I was going to do but when I asked readers what they thought was going to happen, they had the same idea I had! So I changed my idea so it was less predictable. It works! I know it does because when I changed it, most of the comments were all like "Love the plot twist" or "Massive plot twist" or something along those lines. Through this technique, you're able to work out what your readers expect to happen and then you can come up with something more interesting. Through this, it also results in a much more interesting plot. I think, for Fading, if it wasn't for the plot twists, I'm sure the plot would be so boring that I would even fall asleep reading it.  

3. When planning your story, come up with a few possible directions that the story could go - don't just focus on one direction (see what I did there ;)) that you're going to go in but rather come up with a few possibilities. This widens you're possibilities and you might find, further down the track, that you like one plot idea better than another as it results in more drama or something like that.  

4. Sometimes, you just gotta let the story write itself - maybe whilst writing the story, you might find that the story tends to lead in another direction than you initially wanted it to go in. Let it lead you. For all you know, it could result in a much better story than the one you initially were writing! 

A/N Well I hope these tips helped you! Sorry if I offended anyone. Once again, if you don't understand something I've written, or have other suggestions or need help, feel free to comment below, message me or PM me! I'm happy to help :D Once again, I hope these helped and I hope that all your stories out there may one day get popular :)  

Thank you, Rebecca xx

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